Bhardavi Heaven-episode12

Ram comes and stops Lakshman.He says-don’t go,I have full faith on my brother Bharat,he can give away his right for me but can’t think to snatch my right.He will be a great ruler.I am happy for him.Lakshman says-okay,I will not go but I will follow you and bhabhi to forest,plz don’t deny.I want to serve you 2.After a lot of hesitation, he agrees.

Lakshman comes to his room.He tells his wife about his decision.Urmila says-I want to accompany you to the forest,take me with you..He says-sorry,I want to take you with me but after that I can’t take proper care of both.Bro-Bhabhi and you,so please stay back in Ayodhya and take care of pita and 3 matas and don’t cry for these 14 years.I will be back after 14 years,promise me.She agrees and says-I will live a vanprastha life like you,what you eat,I will eat,what you drink,I will drink,if you will sleep on floor,I will sleep on floor,you will not use any thing of recreation,I will not use any thing of recreation.I will follow you living in Ayodhya.It will be a forest for me as you will not be here.They cry.For this reason,she doesn’t cries on Dasharath’s death.Sita praises her for her sacrifice and says-Even thousands of Sita can’t compare your sacrifice.You have given a new definition to patni dharm.She says-didi,if he will be with you,I will feel that I am with you to serve you .Ram also praises her.All cry.

The 4 come to to Dasharath where all are present.Siam and Lakshman in van vastra.All cry seeing them.They take leave from everyone.All cry.Kaushalya wants Sita to stay back but agrees seeing her devotion.Sita meets her sisters.Mandavi says-we will wait for you and will take care of everyone.Shrutakirti says-we will follow what we are told regarding duties of wife and bahu.
Sumitra asks Lakshman to take care of Sita-Ram as his parents and he agrees.He touches Mandavi,Kaushalya,Sumitra and Dasharath and other elders feet and looks at his wife sadly.She gets sad.Sita-Ram also touch feet of elders.Kaikeyi comes and ask Sita-Ram to follow rules of van and they agree. The 3 touch her feet.

Credit to: Aman


  1. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    A nice epi… And one doubt bro for wat reason urmila will not cry for dhasaraths death???? Pls give me ans..

    • Aman

      actually lakshman has promised her,in 1 version and I think shown in 1 of Sagar ramayan

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