Bhardavi Heaven-episode11

Ram agrees to Kaikeyi’s words.She says-I will be happy if I can serve you,pitaji don’t feel bad Iwill go for exile to keep your words and don’t angry at ma Kaikeyi.Every mother wants well being of her child.Dasharath looks sad.He goes to Kaushalya and Sumitra to ask for leave.They started crying.Kaushalya says-plz take me with you,I can’t live without you.He says-you are a queen and wife,you should take care of your husband and kingdom,they need you.Sumitra says-I will talk to Kaikeyi,why she did this.Kaushalya follows her.Sumitra says angrily-didi,you loved Ram,the most.why you did this.She says-I am not bothered to answer the questions of you 2,what I did is for my son’s benifit.Kaushalya says-can’t beleive,you are saying this,we 3 love 4 sons equally.
Sumitra says-didi,come it is of no use to talk to her this time,she has lost her brain.They leave.

Ram tells Sita about the incident and tells her to stay back as it is not safe to live in forest but she denies.She says-I am your wife,its my duty to follow you,plz take me with you.After a lot of hesitation, he agrees.

Lakshman hears this.In anger,he gets ready to go to Kaikey to kill Bharat as he feels that both mother-son are responsible.Urmila tries to stop him but he doesn’t listens,He says-I will kill everyone who will snatch my brother’s right from him,first Bharat and then Kaikeyi.She goes to Ram and tells everything.

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