Bhardavi Heaven-episode10


The 4 pairs come to their room.Bhardavi enters their room.They share everything since their childhood and late night they slept.Next day,Yuddhajit comes to take Bharat-Shatrughn with him as Ashwapati is ill.They take leave.They look at their wives sadly and asked them to take care of everyone.That night,Dasharath thinks to crown Ram as king.Everyone agrees to it.All are happy.Devlok is worried if Ram is crowned then who will kill rakshas.So,devi Saraswati sits on tongue of Manthara to stop this.Manthara moves to Kaikeyi and asks her to save her bad days by stoping this coronation.Kaikeyi gifts her a garland but she made her change her mind by her twisted words.

On advice of Manthara,Kaikeyi goes to kop bhawan and sits wearing dirty clothes.When Dasharath comes,she asks for 2 boons which king has promised her.1 was Bharat’s coronation and 2 was 14 years exile for Ram.
King agreed for 1 but was not ready to send Ram to exile but Kaikeyi was determined.He falls unconcious
Ram is called by Kaikeyi by Sumantra.He comes and gets sad seeing king’s condition.
Kaikeyi tells of her boons and he agrees.

Credit to: Aman

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  1. Padmaja

    A nice epi bro…. Pls continue it .

  2. Nice bro but too first…
    There should some romantic scenes of bhardavi?

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