Bhardavi Heaven-episode1


In Vaikunth,vishnu asks laxmi-“I have incarnated as Ram in Ayodhya and my shell,disc and seat i.e.panchajany,sudarshan and adishesh incarnated as my brothers- Bharat,Shatrughn and Lakshman respectively,6 years passed. When you will incarnate,time had came.Lakshmi says-Yes,I will be found by Seeradhwaj Janak,king of mithila and my disc,shell and kshir sagar will incarnate as my sisters and daughters of Kushadhwaj and Janak-Shrutakirti,Mandavi,Urmila.
Mithila,Janak is tensed seeing drought in kingdom. Sunaina says-Ask guru for any marg.He asked Yagnavalkya.He says-Plough your land with yourself.Problem will be solved.Janak-Sunaina look on.

Janak is ploughing the land,suddenly the plough striked at a place,Janak feels as if there is something inside,He started digging there.Suddenly he found a baby girl wrapped in red cloth.Sunaina holds the child and is happy.They adopted the child on advice of guru and named her- Sita.

8 years passed
Janak says to Sunaina-After arrival of Sita,we gave birth to another daughter- Urmila.Mandavi and Shrutakirti also,Kushadhwaj comes with Chandrabhaga.Sunaina welcomes them. Janak says -Yes you also got 2 daughters.I AM happy to see their unity.Chandrabhaga says-yes,but what about after marraige.They will be seperated.Sunaina says-Don’t worry, it will happen later,let them enjoy their childhood.

Sita ,a girl of 8 playing hind and seek with her sisters- Mandavi,Urmila,Shrutakirti(ages 7,6,5,respectively).Mandavi is searching for Sita,it is easy to find her younger sisters but not Sita as she is intelligent.She thinks-where she can be.After a lot of search, she finds her in a room.

Credit to: Aman

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