Bhardavi Heaven-episode 8

The marraige ritual starts.4 beautiful mandaps are installed by Vishwakarm.Shiv-Parvati,Brahm-Saraswati,Vishvakarm,Narad etc.attended the wedding.The couples are looking awersome.The couples followed the ritual as instructed and Vashishtha tells about the meaning of each ritual.Marraige gets completed,Everyone is happy.Janak was not ready to do vidai and Dasharath agreed to it but request of Sita,he got ready.Though Sunaina is worried by words of astrologer lady that Sita will suffer vanavas for long time after marraige but has full faith on her teachings.In pushya nakshatra,the vidai ritual starts.

The sisters crying seeing the 4 parents and their brother.Sunaina and Chandrabhaga told them to follow duties of bahu and wife.They agree.Janak also teaches them necessary teachings.They meet Guru,his wives,Gargi,Shatanand,Sita’s 3 mama,friends etc.All are emotional.The barat left.
Dasharath left for Ayodhya whereas 4 pairs wants to meet Shanta.They bath in river Ganga and moved ahead.But few rakshas attacked them.

Bharat is hurt by shakti.Mandavi starts crying.A guru cures him and he recovers.They meet Shanta who blesses them.Next day,they left for Ayodhya.
The 4 pairs reach Ayodhya.All are happy.

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  1. Padmaja

    A nice epi… Waiting for next epi..

  2. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    super bro….u are just rocking

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