Bhardavi Heaven-episode 7

Dasharath and Gurus are admiring the kindness and knowledge of videha sisters.They talk something in private.In Garden,Bharat says-Mandavi,I am sorry for the last 2 meetings.I didn’t did it intentionally.Mandavi says-Its ok,I am not angry.Whatever happened was a coincidence.
In the court,Dasharath asksJanak-I AM IMPRESSED with the nature of your daughters,its a request,Iwant to marry my other 3 sons with the other 3 daughters of you and your brother.Bharat-Mandavi,Lakshman-Urmila,Shatrughn-Shrutakirti.All got happy,Bharat and Lakshman are tensed.

Bharat says-Mandavi,I love you and want to marry you but in my life,my first duty to serve Ram bhaiya,if you agree to bear sacrifice,then marry me.She says-I know you love and respect him very much,I promise,I will always cooperate in your duty.I will marry you.They get emotional.
Also,Lakshman and Urmila have the same conversation and they agree to marry each other.
Vashishtha says-marraige should be completed in uttar falguni nakshatra.

All got happy.
Urmila and Mandavi share their conversation with Lakshman and Bharat respectively and hug each other.Sita and Shrutakirti also hug them.Kirti says-we will live together as always.They smile.
Marraige day arrived-The brides are in red and grooms in royal.They are happy.

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