Bhardavi Heaven-episode 6

Bharat and Shatrughn reach Mithila.They meet their brothers and everyone in Mithila.It was morning Mandavi along with Shrutakirti is choosing flowers from the garden.Bharat is also seeing the garden with Shatrughn. They collide.The plate fell.Bharat bends to pick the flowers.Mandavi asks her not to as you are our guest.She picks the flowers and he helps her.Davi reached the palace along with Kirti.She asked-didi,are you still thinking of that incident.She replies-Yes,how nice he is.Kirti is thinking.Davi asked-where are you.Kirti says-Imet his younger brother.he is also nice.He smiled seeing me.The 2 sisters smiled.

Urmila busy in painting the potrait of Ram-Sita syayamvar.She says-I have seen them.They are nice.
Sita comes and says-get ready,we have to go temple.They agree.
At the temple,the 4 brothers are praying.They smiled seeing them.Urmila and Lakshman fight for prasad.
Next day,Lakshman saved Urmila from kalnemi snake and gave her blue lotus.It was the start of their love.
Mandavi thought-Have I fallen in love with Kaikeyinandan,I am not able to forget the meeting.In the evening,Bharat and Mandavi are in garden.She has colours in her plate for making rangoli.They again collide.They again collide,colours fell on each of them.

Bharat says-Shatrughn,what is this happening,we are meeting repeatedly and something unexpected happens every,she might be angry on me. I am unable to forget the meeting.
Mandavi says-Shrutakiti,I always get shy when I meet him.

The brother and sister understood that their siblings are in love.

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