Bhardavi Heaven – episode 42


Lav kush honour flowers to sita’s golden idols. everyone get emotional. They starting serving Ram by messaging his feet, head during night times and by following what she says and serving everyone in the family.
With the passage of time, the 3rajmatas died, same reason old age.
Time went and the 8 young princes under the guidance of their parents became great rulers as well as great human beings.
Ram made them rulers of various states. lav-kush ruled north kosal and south kosal. angad-chandraketu became rulers of karupadh and chandrakanti. taksh-pushkal became rulers of gandhar-takshshila, shatrughati-subahu became rulers of vidisha and mathura.
When time came, Ram, Bharat, Lakshman, Shatrughna and the sisters Mandavi, Urmila, Shrutakirti along with their husbands followed to the sarayu river(as the 4 mithila sisters had a boon to die suhagan) and they ended their lives taking real forms of vishnu, sheshanag-nagalakshmi, panchajanya – dakshinavarti, sudarshan-vijayavalli and merging into maha vishnu and maha lakshmi respectively.
sorry, if i bored you all or if there is mistake, plz forgive me. ☺☺☺thq for your love and support. ☺☺☺

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  1. Bro it is nice and really their matas died ah??? And it is mentioned in any of the versions??
    Sry I don’t know so only I am asking…

  2. Aman

    yes, in valmiki ramayan ☺

  3. Thank u so much ..Aman I’m crazy about our history ..I tried a lot to find out about next generation of ram….I’m so happy after knowing the names of other kids name …(kids of laxman,bharat)..thank u so much

  4. tq for comment

  5. I’m amazed at ur knowledge of mythology!
    I hv some doubts! Plz clear them off!

    1. R balaram and balabhadra same?
    2. R nagalakshmi, kheerasagar and Urmila same?
    3. Is godess lakshmi daughter of kheerasagar and not varun dev?

    Plz hlp me! ???

  6. Another one: didn’t balaram hv nly one wife, revathi? Tats wat i read!

    If nagalakshmi is partial inc. of lakshmi, and nagalakshmi is kheerasagar, and devi lakshmi is kheerasagar’s daughter, how cum nagalakshmi is a part of devi lakshmi?

    Plzz help me

    1. sis,i am on gmail,my id [email protected].

  7. yes, lakshman,balram,balabhadra,sheshnag all are same.
    urmila,revati,vimala,nagalakshmi all are same
    for being milk ocean,i said in my article tht i m nt much sure as i thk he is varun,god of water so she mght be milk ocean but some of my friends say she is milk ocean,though evn i thk whn lakshmi cm out of milk ocean,how could she be milk ocean, but i hrd milk sym of prosperity and nagalakshmi,inc of lakshmi godess of prosperity so she might be
    anyways,i jst knw nagalakshmi wife of sheshnag
    if lakshmi cm out of ksheersagar and sagar is a fm of water and varun is god of water so thy r same i thk
    revati is inc of nagalakshmi,i said i m not much sure whether ksheer sagar or not but yes she is wf of sheshnag
    sry sis,i m going to coching will contact soon,u cn mail me on my id whch i sent

  8. Aman

    sis i m not on G+ but on gmail,i gv the id

  9. Aman

    sheshnag is known as balabhadra in puri jagannath temple

  10. Aman

    Sis plz reply if u c

    1. Tqu! Luvd the info!

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