Bhardavi Heaven – episode 41

Moving to my previous context, ram asks valmiki to bring sita back. everyone is happy. Mandavi says-i knew, didi will be back soon. Urmila says – we are eager to see her. Shrutakirti says – i wish time passes soon and didi arrives. Bharat says-i want,after bhabhi comes, we live happily ever after. Lakshman says-once bhabhi comes, everything will be fine. Shatrughna says-you are right bhaiya, i am eager to see bhabhi. Everyone gets emotional seeing the kids blesses them.
The grandmothers and masis cry seeing them. Ram also gets emotional seeing them and remembers his moments with sita during her pregnancy. ?

Sita enters the rajyasabha with her eyes down.
All get emotional seeing her. Ram says-sita, i love you and can’t doubt you. Sita says-i knew and i hv no complaints against you.
Ram looks at the praja and is sad. ?Sita says – i know raghunandan, what is troubling you, Ayodhya people still doubt me, but sorry, i can’t give pariksha any more. i am tired of this. forgive me. ?
with a determined and firm voice, she says-if i hv loved Sriram truely and never thought of any one else, then hey dharti ma take me in your lap.

if my karm, dharm, vachan, dhan, jivan lies in Sri ram then take me in your lap, if i worshipped sri ram, then take me in your lap. thunder stikes and earth shakes and gets in two pieces. everyone is shocked.
Dharti ma appears and says-lap of a mother is always open for child, come. ?
The brothers and sisters try to stop but she says-my vidai ghadi has come, i hv to go and asks lav kush to serve their father and follow what elders say, remember. Everyone is crying and ram is in state of shock. sita enters patal lok. the sisters are about to jump but brothers hold them. Ram tries to stop but earth closes.All cry. Ram hugs the kids.

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  1. Wow a nice epi.. dis scene always makes me emotional…

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