Bhardavi Heaven – episode 40


Ram comes to know that 2 boys have captured their horse. He is amazed. He asks Shatrughn to go and get the horse back. He agrees. He goes with the army and sees the boys. He says-you little brave sons, plz return this horse as it belongs to us, those who will capture it hv to fight with us but as you are very small i don’t want to raise weapons against you so please don’t argue and return our horse. Kush says-no, we will fight, and are not afraid of that. The war begins.

They get shatrughn and his army unconscious with a fatal arrow.
Ram was shocked to know that Shatrughn was unconscious by the fatal arrow of the kids.
Lakshman asks permission for the war. He goes there and asks the kids to leave the horse.Lav says-no, we will not return. The war started. Lakshman and his army gets unconscious by a fatal arrow of Lav kush.
Ram is shocked. He says-no, this can’t happen, the kids can’t defeat great worriors like Lakshman and Shatrughn.

Bharat says-don’t worry bhaiya, i will get the horse back. He goes with Sugriv, Hanuman etc. and asks the boys to return the horse. They didn’t agree. The war started. Finally Bharat and his army along with Sugriv got unconscious by the fatal arrow of kids. Hanuman is held captive,.
Ram is shocked and decided to go to the war himself.
Ram comes to battle field and asks them to return the horse. They didn’t agree, the war was going to start but was stopped by valmiki who asks them to return the horse and they agree. Hanuman was released and he knew that kids are of siam so he didn’t raise weapon against them.
no, doubt ram and his brothers were great worriorsbut it was a fate to get father meet his sons.

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  1. It is nice bro….. and ya it is a fate to meet their father in war…. and even choti fathers also.

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