Bhardavi Heaven-episode 5

Kushadhwaj, Chandrabhaga and Bhanuman arrived.Everyone greet them.The sisters started playing with their brother who is 8.While the other 2 sisters are in garden,Mandavi is getting ornaments and clothes ready along with Sita.She asks-After me,you will get married,what type of groom you want.She replies -simple,,brave,noble and kind.They smile.The 2 sisters returned and the 3 got Sita ready for swayambar.Shrutakirti says-didi is looking beautiful.Mandavi put a black mark on her face to save her from bad eye.She says-now,its fine.They smile.

Sita came in court with her sisters,mother,aunt and friends.All fold hands in repect of shiv dhanush.Janak repeated his bet.
Every king and prince tried their hands on bow but failed,even Ravan failed who was supposed to be the strongest cntestent of all.He moved away angrily.

The kings and princes got angry.They said-Janak,you insulted us,now we willmarry your daughter forcefully.Suddenly,Vishvamitr arrrived with the 2 noble princes.He said-then,you have to fight these 2 princes.Everyone paniced seeing them.
Lakshman got angry.He said-Only my brother can lift this dhanush.Ram calms him down.When Vishwamitr asked Ram came ahead,took several rounds of the shiv’s bow and folded his hands in its respect.Vishwamitr and Lakshman also folded their hands in respect of bow.

The most awaited moment came.Everyone wasworried.Mandavi holds her sisters and brother.Everone was waiting for this moment.But in the next moment,Ram lifted the dhanush and also broken it.Everyone is overjoyed.Sita moves slowly towards Ram and garlands him.Their jodi is looking adorable.

Parshuram arrived angrily.Everyone is worried.But Ram handles him kindly.He gets impressed,blessed Ram-Sita and all and went back.
The news is sent to Ayodhya.Dasharath,3 queens,2 brothers,Vashishta,Arunadhati,Sumantra,all are overjoyed.
Dasharatha left for Mithila along with guru and mantri and asked Bharat and Shatrughn to come in 2 days.
They reach Mithila.Everyone greets them.

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