Bhardavi Heaven – episode 39

Ram gets the golden idol of sita ready.He recalls his moments with her. he gets sad.
Bharat comes. He says-bhaiya, everything is ready and invitations are also send.
Shatrughn comes. he says- bhaiya, i have invited all rishis and valmiki ji also, he is coming with his 2 shishya, they are great singer, their voice is so sweet, i have heard their song, it was sweet.

Ram says-it is good that they are coming. I also want to meet them.
Everyone arrives on time. Valmiki comes with lav kush, they are looking like sun and moon between the stars.
Bharat enters in his room for some workand collides with Mandavi. Bhardavi fall on bed. They have an eye lock.

Mandavi says-swami, i am feeling that i am going to meet Sita didi soon. Bharat says-hope, it happens.

At right time, Lav kush started the melodious song in their sweet voice in the praise of Sita Ram. They honored everyone and started singing – ham katha sunate ram sakal gud dham ki, yeh ramayan hai punya katha sri ram ki. With the each passing line, everyone was captivated in the song. They got emotional as the song moved to sita 2 exile. the brothers, sisters, mothers and everyone present was unable to control emotional.
Finally everyone realised that they are sons of ram and sita. Valmiki confirms it.
There is another story present. Shatrughn lets the horse. no was able to defeat them. Finally lav kush captured the horse.

Some parts may look fictional as it is according to tv shows.

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