Bhardavi Heaven – episode 38


Lakshman sees his son Chandraketu quiet interested in wrestling. he says-putra, you will be a great wrestler one day. Urmila says-then he will beat his father in that. Lakshman says-that will be the happiest moment for me.Chandraketu fights some boys and defeat them. Lakshman says-its for this reason i call him malla, the master of malla yuddha(wrestling). They smile. (his son was a great wrestler).

Sita teaches his sons about dharm. Lav asks-ma, if anyone hurts us then also we should follow dharm?Shesays-ha putra, if someone is trying to hurt us then also we should not avoid dharm.
Ram says-on advice of guru, i am thinking to organize an ashwamegh yagya. Vashishtha says-but, putra for any yagya? he stops. Ram says – but what gurudev, what is the problem? ? he says-putra, for any yagya, the yajaman needs to sit with his wife, so. Ramsays-is there any way, other than getting remarried? he says-yesputra, you need to put any vastu of Sita and can complete the yagya.

he says-dhanyavad, gurudev, i will get a golden idol of sita.
Mandavi says-swami, see jijaji and didi’s bonding but why god has seperated them if only he had made them a pair. Bharat says-may be its a niyati, we all are just a player of this play. She agrees.

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  1. Lovely and thanks for the info yesterday bhai 🙂

    1. Do u know wat happened to Urmila after Lakshman took jalsamadhi? Plzz tell if u know!

  2. NABANITA626

    Thanks for sharing the link

  3. Can anyone please tell me wat happened to Urmila after Lakshman took Jalsamadhi? Did she too accompany him? Please tell me ??

      1. But bhaiyya, the content is removed!??? cn u please tell me wat hppnd to Urmila , here itself! Plzzzx???

      1. Tqu soo much bhaiya! ???

    1. Aman

      one thing,i thk 3sis either thy died before thr husbands accto val ramayan or along with them acc to adhyatm ramayan but not after them as all died suhagan

    2. Aman

      sis, plz check the last 2 links and reply

      1. Yaa i checkd them! Bt according to valmiki ramayana, hw did they die b4 their husbands? Cnu tell me plzzz

  4. Aman

    acc to valmiki ramayan the 3 mothers died and are followed by the 3 sisters many years later same reason old age and died after coronation of their sons.the 4 had a boon todie suhagan. plz reply if seen

    1. Tqu bro! Tat mns, urmi, mandavi and kirti died b4 their husbands after the coronation of their sons?
      I’m not getting u!?
      Sorry for the trouble I’m giving u! Cn u plz tell clearly!

      1. Aman

        acc to valmiki ramayan the mothers died and sisters died many years later as thy got old after their sons became kings of various regions but i thk valmiki ji don’t mention them as avtars but some other texts did, so if thy were avtars, thy wouldn’t have died natural death and hv died along with the husbands

      2. Aman

        plz reply, simple 1 is from valmiki ramayan and other from adhyatm, no confusion, if any confusion plz ask and reply soon

  5. Aman

    thr are 2 opinions, reg thr death but acc to me dying along with the husbands seems more appropriate as thy are avtars bec their husbands are also

  6. Aman

    or thy might have chosen natural death though being avtars and 1 opinion might be correct

  7. Aman

    or thy might have chosen natural death though being avtars and 1 opinion might be correct( 4sisters hd a boon to die suhagan)

    1. Tysm bro for the trouble u took for me! ???
      I’ll ask u further if i hv any doubts!

      1. Aman

        u r welcome

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