Bhardavi Heaven – episode 38

Bharat – I think Ram bhaiya will not come, if he will not come, I will do what I said. Mandavi gets sad. She says – no, trust him he will come. Bharat says – Davi, if he hd to come, he might hv came yet, I will wait, the sunset, if he will not come, I will give up my life sitting on the funeral pyre.
The sun is about to set, Bharat is rigid to his decision, the mothers came but they were unable to make him change his decision.
Mandavi recalls all his moments with him since marriage, their first meeting, marriage, his departure to Kaikey leaving him behind.

It was the most painful moment he is looking, Sita and Urmila are with their husbands when he went to Kaikey with Shatrughn, though Shrutakirti was also separated but not afterwards. Sita went to forest with Ram but is in his company for 13 years, Urmila was away from his husband for 14 years as Lakshman went to exile along with Ram Sita for 14 years, but still she could serve him by taking his sleep for 14 years, Shrutakirti, the luckiest of 4, Shatrughn was with him, but what about her she wouldn’t got a chance to serve her husband,now her husband is going to leave him forever, better to die or could have slept like her cousin instead of seeing widow hood, why only we 4 sisters are made to suffer

Thanks to Hanuman, who gave the good news of Ram Sita Lakshman will be coming , Urmila will wake up, everything is fine
Tears of joy fell from her eyes

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    Nice Epi bro…

  2. Ram looks good ? in his royal ? clothes while Sita looks good ? in her vanvaai clothes!???

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