Bhardavi Heaven – episode 37

5 years later
The family is having lunch together.the brothers and sisters are feeding their kids with their hands.kaushalya says-today,i hv made your favourite food al leat.Ram sees the kids and remembers Sita.he sees sita says-sita,whr are the kids,she says-swami,thy r in forest,Ram says-why,why are they in forest,bring them and hv lunch,she moves back,ram says-listen but she disappears.He says-no,plz stop.
Sumitra says-wht happened,whom are u talking to.Ram says-nothing,ma,i hv done,i hv to go urgently,kaikeyi says-but,u hv just 1 chapati.he
says-ma,my plate is finished,i don’t need more.
kaushalya says-the day,Sita left,ram is not hv food or sleep properly,,i tht with evryone,he will feel happy and hv some food,but i increased his pain,sumitra says-no,didi u did what u feel right.kaikeyi says-just pray for his well being.
Mandavi says-jijaji is getting sad day by day,but we can’t do anything to make him happy.Bharat says-i pray,for a miracle to happen and bhabhi to
return soon.
Sita is feeding lav kush,she says-don’t know,if swami hs eaten something or not.
Time starts passing ,lav kush doing mischiefs and other 6 kids also are growing up slowly.
9 years later
Kaushalya says-today,shat-kirti are coming with shatrughati-subahu,it hs been a long time,we saw them.kaikeyisays-i v made sweets for the kids.shatrughn comes.he takes blessing from the 3 brothers.bharat says-hw is Mathura,hesays-with blessing of u 3 ,everything is fine.ram says-i want to meet your kids.
he says-thy hv gone to ranivas with their mother
shrutakirti comes and taes blessing of the mothers.they say,it hasbeen a long time,we hv seen you.kaikeyi takes the kids and say-how r our rajkumars.Sumitra says-may be naughty like their father and uncles.all smile.
Urmila and Mandavi come.They hug.Urmila says-looks,as if u hv forget us after becoming queen.Mandavi says-no,she is queen,talk to her properly.they laugh.Shrutakiti says-no,didi,it was not a while,we didn’t remembered Ayodhya but swami told-till,jijaji doesn’t allow,we can’t go.
kaushalya says-i know,ram always gives priority to work.
ram comes.Shrutakirti and kids take blessing from him.he blesses them.

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