Bhardavi Heaven – episode 36


Shatrughn is on the way to Mathura,it is a long journey so he decides to take rest in the valmiki ashram.He wents there .Valmiki greets him.He meets Sita and touches her feet.Sita asks about everyone in Ayodhya though she felt sorry.Shatrughn says-without you,there is no day or no night,our life seems to move without any breath in it,,
Sita cooks food for him.Shatrughn feels happy eating food made by his bhabhi after so many days.They talked late night then went to their beds.

It is the auspicious day of shravan purnima.In late night,Sita started getting labor pain.Valmiki’s wife runs to gather ladies and tells her husband about this.Shatrughn also gets worried.
In some tv shows,it is shown that Vishnu visits Sita just before delivery.The ladies gather.At the most auspicious time when sun,moon and other are in their perfect position,Sita gave birth to a handsome,cute and glowing face son.Within few minutes,she gave birth to another son who was equally attractive.Everyone is delighted.
Shatrughn enters,says-bhabhi,you have given birth to the royal successors and bright future of Ayodhya.He blesses the kids,says-surely,they will beat us in warfare.

Next day,Shatrughn asks for leave and blessings.Sita says-you are going to serve your elder brothers,no danger can harm you,return victorious.He touches her feet,rishi’s feet and kisses the kids.He leaves.
Shatrughn is waiting for Lavanasur at the gates of Mathura.When he comes,he challanges him for fight.A huge fight starts.Finally Shatrughn kills Lavanasur with that special weapon given by Ram and ends his terror.
Shatrughn returns Ayodhya victorious.Everyone is overjoyed.Ram and other hug her and praise her.Next day,Ram says-i want you to rule Mathura.Shatrughn hesitates,says-brother i never served you to became a ruler,but as a duty of younger brother,i just want to live in your shelter,protecting you all as always.

Ram says-Shatrughn,you should accept the throne as only you can bring peace and harmony in Mathura.Everyone agrees.Shatrughn is crowned the king of Mathura.Celebrations begin.
Later,in auspicious time,the 3 sisters- Mandavi,Urmila,Shrutakirti gave birth to 2 sons each respectively.
sorry,i am not quite sure whether kids of all 4 sisters were twins or not or whether lav kush are twins and 8 kids are born around same time.

Valmiki names sons of Ram and Sita-Lav-Kush
Vashishth names other sons.
Sons of Bharat-Mandavi- Taksh-Pushkal
Sons of Lakshman-Urmila- Angad-Chandraketu
Sons of Shatrughn-Shrutakirti- Shatrughati-Subahu

3 months later

Bhardavi are playing with the kids.Bharat says-being a parent is really a great feeling,first we were single,then became two and now four.Mandavi says-but most of the time you are out so i hv to handle the kids.He says-sorry,but today we will spend time,so now my princess bring a smile on your face.She smiles.They hug.
Urmila says-you are most of the time so i hv to handle the kids.Lakshman says-see,how smartly i will handle the kids.He takes one,other cries,take another the another cries.He gets tensed.She smiles but they finally hugged each other.
Shrutakirti is in Mathura.Shat-Kirti are making kids for sleep.She said-we hv came far away from our family,i want to meet them.He says-but we hv to wait until ram bhaiya allows.She agrees.They hug.
Ram is feeling loneliness of Sita and kids and blames him for his condition.Sita thinks-whether the kids would be able to meet their father.He kisses the kids.

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  1. Aman – where from you are getting all these stories? Must Be Devdutta ?
    He has written imaginative stories . Please stop these unreal stuff.
    Devdutta has completely changed the real Ramayan . And who is he ?
    His books will be forgotten in few years/decades .
    Kali Yuga is going to end soon -new ERA coming up-people will become changed .
    Kali yuga is the darkest period so bad people shine . Time shall change soon
    And real story is as follows
    See Shatrugun did go to Valimiki’s Ashram but SIta didn’t meet him.
    Shatrugan blessed the lov & Kush without knowing his parentage.
    ANd as per VAlimiki’s Ramayan -there was no WARFARE.
    Kindly stop reading unreal stuff .
    Sage Valmiki is the ADIKAVi and he wrote what truly happened.
    So please

    1. see war story is true though not in valmiki ramayan and yes in some versions,shat met sita and you believe or not but once lakshman also wanted Ram to meet his kids and trust it was not from devdutt,sorry if i hurted you

    2. refer-

  2. Padmaja

    Its nice bro but shatrughnan didn’t meet siya and blessed lav kush without knowing who is their parent… Otherwise it is nice….. Pls continue it..

  3. DEAR BRO -Shatrugun didn’t meet Sita as per VALIMIKI VERSION. Kindly recheck.
    YOU WANT explaination ? SAGE VALMIKI was a sage + poet ( ADIKAVI). NOT A GURU who can train weapon and war skills . HE trained lov & Kush to sing Ramayan and they sang Ramayan on the street of Ayodha during Ashwamegh Yagna .
    He didn’t have the skill to train Lov& Kush for war skills
    In those days , some Rishi & sage will do Yagna , some will become the Rajguru or Some will train students .
    Like Vaisht gave Ram & his brothers basic training but it was Vishwamitra who gave divine & powerful weapons to Ram & Lakshman.
    All Sages were not doing the same things
    ONLY AND ONLY Valmiki Ramayan authentic. Tulsidas being a big Ram devotee did n’t accepted Uttar Ramayan.
    There are very renowed authors/scholars who followed the original Ramayan Valmiki Ramayan -others are time pass like Devdutt.

  4. BRO-DO you know who wrote the real Ramayan ?? THE ORIGINAL ???
    It was Sage Valmiki. And As per Valmiki’s Ramayan Sita didn’t meet Shatrugun.
    Valmiki taught lov & Kush to sing the Ramayan and they sang on the street of Ayodha .
    NO WARFARE happened as per the original version.
    I don’t believe later variation versions.

  5. Hmm…… Interesting . .. Learnt many new things

    1. Waiting for the next part .. .

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