Bhardavi Heaven – episode 35


Kaushalya says-no,today i want you to do his arti and tilak.,being an ideal wife,you always served him faithfully,if you will do this,his support will be double.The mothers and sisters agree.
Shrutakirti agrees and does the arti and tilak and made him taste curd and sugar.She gives him the sword and ask him to return victorious.
He says- a person has such a nice family and a wife like you can never be in any danger.i hv promise,i will respect your words.She says-i hv full faith on you.He leaves.
Urmila sees the clothes which she left at Chitrakoot,Lakshman says-it is always special to me as it gave me strength to fight with dangers in my difficult times and also your idol which sita bhabhi gave me,i always kept them close to my heart and came back taking the two.He shows the idol.It make me feel of your presence and motivated took boon from nidra devi that i forget you for those 14 years in order to serve bhaiya-bhabhi but your belongings always made me feel of your presence,and they never distracted me but motivated me towards my duty.When Meghanad hurted me,no demon can lift my body because of your selfless devotion and i am alive because of you.She puts hand on his mouth and says-even death can’t seperate us.They hug.

Credit to: Aman

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