Bhardavi Heaven – episode 34


Ram has started living a vanapratha life in Ayodhya,sleeping on floor.Whole night,he cries in sita’s memories.He remembers when sumantra tells she refused to come to Ayodhya to save family’s honour.The grass bed fills with sobs.Meanwhile some people come to Ayodhya to take help of Ram,says-lord ram,,mathura is tortured by evil nephew of ravan,son of his sister kudumbini and husband madhu.He is creating terror everywhere,please help us.
Ram says-Bharat,go and end their problems by killing lavanasur,who is trying to become a terror for these innocent people.He agrees.
Shatrughn gets uo,says-bhaiya,sorry for interruption,but bharat bhaiya has done a lot for Ayodhya and lakshman bhaiya also.But i want to serve you as i hardly got a chance.Also,i am the youngest,so if i am there what is the need of my elders to do any work.he continues-bharat bhaiya is yuvaraj,he may stay back and help you in affairs of state,its my humble request to give me a chance and blessings to deal with that demon lavanasur.i promise,i will fulfill the job.The brothers look on.
Ram says-shatrughn,your love and sacrifice is not unparallel,you faithfully served bharat as laxman served absense of we 3 brothers,it was you who looked after the 5 mothers,3 mothers who have been seperated from their sons and 2 mothers who you treat as your mothers,who are your elder sister in laws,the wives of your 2 elder brothers who have been separated from their husbands and also your wife for 14 long years.
you took care of ayodhya with full loyality and never let any danger enter ayodhya.The brothers agree.
I hv full faith on your bravery,and bless you to return victorious and gives him a special weapon to kill lavanasur.he takes blessings of bharat and lakshman who bless him to return victorious.
he goes to take blessings of the 3 mothers.Sumitra says-i am proud of you that you never hesitated to serve ram.He takes blessings from Mandavi and Urmila.They bless him to return victorious.Shrutakirti comes with the arti and tilak and tells Kaushalya to do the arti being the eldest mata.

Credit to: Aman

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