Bhardavi Heaven – episode 33


Sita comes to the man’s house who lives with his wife and children.his name was Ratnakar.He asks Sita to leave here as long as she wishes.
Sita used to cook food for everyone and sing praises of ram.ratnakar says-sister,u r really a great cook and singer.She smiles(sita was also a great singer,her voice was so sweet that in some versions,she is compared with gandharvas,the singers of heaven).

At night rat was going for robbery,sita hestatingly asked-where he was going,he told everthing clearly and told that he is doingthis for his family.
Sita says-just,go and ask if his family will held themselves liable for his acts.he went to his wife to ask the same question.

She replies-whatever you are doing is your responsibility,we are your wife and children,so its your duty to fulfill our needs,if you are doing wrong acts then its your problem,why should we suffer for your acts.Ratnakar was shocked hearing his wife remarks.he goes to sita and tells her about the words of his wife.
Sita says-see,your intentions will hurt you the most,so leave these wrong ways and choose the path of rightednous in order to get moksh.

He suprisingly asks-how a criminal like me can get moksh.She says-chanting ram’s name is the only way to attend moksh.

He sits down and started chanting mara,mara,days passed,weeks passed,months passed,hills of ant is covered all over his body(in sanskrit,hills of ants means valmiki). His inner knlwledge developed.

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  1. Valmiki was already a Sage Valmiki when he met Devi SITA . He was a theif but he chanted mara mara- as he could not utter RAM later it became RAM .
    And Ratnakar.
    SITA got shelter in Sage Valmiki -hermitage during her second exile.He is known as ADIKAVI.
    SO please don’t make imaginatives stories out of your head .

  2. Padmaja

    Its nice bro and VALMIKI is already a sage when he met sita and the story which u told is right but siya didn’t yell him to utter rama name…

  3. see, i followed devdutt sita book,although i ws in confusion

  4. Hrishabh Mishra

    What rubbish you are talking here. You are completely twisted the story.
    In the real story Ratnakar while doing robbery one day tried to rob Narad (In some versions Saptarishi’s). He asked Narad whatever you have give it to me or else I will kill you. Narad told that I have Nothing else than my Lord’s name Ram, You take it and your life will improve. If you don’t agree with me then go and ask your family what is their share in his crime. When he asked his family, his family’s response shocked him and he returned to sage Narad and upon his advice began reciting the Ram Naam jaap. He pronounced Ram as Mara. After his hard penance ant hill developed on him and he got his name Valmiki.This happened much before Ram and Sita’s birth. Even he met them during their 14 years exile and provided shelter to Sita and her sons during her second exile. He composed Ramayana during Ram’s Vanvas or much before Ram’s birth.
    So linking Sita and Valmiki’s early life is just waste of one’s creativity and hurting the sentiments of followers of Shri Ram.

  5. Please stop reading Devdutta Sita -it is all imaginative and unreal.
    Follow Valimiki Ramayan or Tulsidas or other scholars.
    Sita was undoubtedly great woman-I have immense respect for her but to give her credit for making a thief into Valimiki is wrong.
    It is like distorting the reality.

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