Bhardavi Heaven – episode 30 to 32

Episode 30

laxman reaches van.She asks sita-bhabhi,plz change your decision.she says-no laxman,don’t force me,i can’t.He says-ok bhabhi,i will not return until you come with me.she says-laxman,its my order,you have to return to take care of everyone.He tries once more but fails and returns to Ayodhya with a heavy heart.
Bharat says-Laxman,where is bhabhi,tell.he says-bhaiya,forgive me bhabhi doen’t return and ordered me to return,she was firm to her decision.Shatrughn says-i am feeling sorry for the kids the most who haven’t came in the world,they will have to suffer.Bharat says-still we should pray for bhabhi’s return.
The sisters come.Urmila says-didi,doesn’t return sumitranandan,he says-no,i tried a lot to convince her but he ordered me to return and was firm to her decision.Mandavi says-we were waiting since night with a hope of didi’s return with you,but.Shrutakirti says-now,what we will tell the mothers.They are tensed.
Its morning,Kaushalya,Kaikeyi,Sumitra come for puja.Kaushalya is tensed for not finding Sita.She asked a maid where is ram and sita.Sumitra says-where are lakshman,shatrughn.Kaikeyi says-where is bharat.They got angry and say-are you all blind,can’t you see,where are they.
1 dasi says-Mandavi and others are in temple.
All are talking in the temple.Kaikeyi and Sumitra come to the temple whereas Kaushalya goes to Ram’s room.
K-IT seems,you all haven’t slept the whole night.

S-DURING pregnency,it is necessary for you to take proper sleep.
Sumitra says-Mandavi,where is Sita.All are tensed.Kaikeyi says-reply anyone,where is my Sita.Bharat says-ma,bhabhi has left us.The mothers are shocked.KAIKEYI says-tell clearly,where is Sita.Shatrughn says-ma,bhabhi has gone to exile.Sumitra says- what,who asked her to go to
exile.Lakshman says-it was bhabhi’s decision.Kaikeyi says-no,i can’t beleive this,Sita can’t do anything without asking,this can’t be true.Sumitra says-where is Ram,didn’t he stopped her.Urmila says-ma,jijaji only took this decision but by force.KAIKEYi says-what Ram’s decision.Sumitra says-may be,he is the king,but can’t take family decisions on her own.
Kaikeyi says-Sumitra,we must talk to Ram,come.She agrees.
Kaushalya says-Ram,take prasad,but where is Sita.He is speechless.
Kaikeyi comes,says-i will tell didi.She asks-tell me Ayodhya naresh ram,what crime my bahu did that she is punished for.Sumitra says-reply Ram,we are asking you anything.He is stonefaced.

Episode 31

Kaushalya says-ram,tell what the 2 mothers are saying.Ram looks fearful.Kaushalya says-its my order,reply.Ram says-ma,Sita went to exile.Kaushalya says-what,didn’t you stop her.He says-ma,i asked her to do so and asked Laxman to leave her to valmiki ashram.Kaushalya faints.
She wakes up on her bed.Kaikeyi says-didi,how are you.She says-not fine till Sita returns,has she returned.Sumitra says-no didi.Ram says-ma,you need rest.
Kaushalya says-rest,what rest can i have when my bahu is only not safe and laxman,you followed what he said even without telling us.They feel guilty.Sumitra says-not only Ram,Lakshman but Bharat,Shatrughn,Shrutakirti,Urmila,Mandavi also not told anything,they all are fault.All lower down their eyes.Kaikeyi says-we can’t forgive you all,can’t you tell us once,never expected this from all of you.Sumitra says-it seems they are going to become parents so they don’t think necessary to ask us anything,they can do whatever they wish.
Kaushalya says-yes,they are grown ups,so no need of any permission or advice from elders,we are dead for them.All are shocked.
The brothers and sisters fall at their feet,asking for forgiveness.Mandavi says-plz forgive all of us,we accept our mistake.Shrutakiti says-we never wanted to hurt you 3.Urmila says-we thought,didi will return.Lakshman says- i tried a lot but failed to bring her back.Bharat says-we thought,when bhabhi will return everthing will be fine.Shatrughn says-we had no intention to hurt you 3.Ram says-we are ready to bear any punishment,i am king,but you 3 are rajmatas,your position is higher,i am bound to follow you,order us,what shall we do for penance.
Kaushalya and others asked them to get up,say-ok,its fine,if you relized your mistake.
Kaushalya says-now,you will not do anything,we will do what we should.Kaushalya calls for Sumantra.He comes.
She says-arya,Sumantra,search for Sita wherever she is and bring her back with full honour to Ayodhya.He looks at Ram.Kaushalya says-why are you looking that way,its the order of rajmata.He agrees.

Episode 32

Kaushalya says-why lord,why u r angry on us,why our family can’t leave peacefully plzz send back Sita.
Sita is walking in field remembering her childhood,mairrage,exile etc.suddenly she faints.
Mandavi says-swami,it seems happiness can’t stay in our house for long.
Bharat says-it seems that in some previous life,anyone of us has done a big sin,so we hv to repay in this birth,hope bhabhi returns.they hug.
Valmiki rishi is shocked to see a fainted woman in the field.he wakes her up.
Ram says-whr r u sita,you hv full right to be angry on me,u must punish me,whatever punishment u ll give,i m ready to take it,but plz return
Ram is nothing without sita,they are inseperable,he falls on the floor crying.
Sita wakes up.vl asks-who r u putri,why r u here in this condition.
She replies-i am janak nandini sita and bahu of Ayodhya,wife of ram.he says-then wh r u doing here in this field in early morning and also wearing valkal vastra.
She replies-now it is only my fate and my own decision,i will spend rest of my life here only.
Man says-plz come to my house if you don’t mind.She agrees hesitatingly.
Sorry,i srt rishi but was a robber,i ll tell how he became rishi.

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow nice aman bro pls keep writting

  2. Dear Bro Aman -from where are you cooking up stories ???
    Three queen left for Vanvas before Sita had to go for her second exile.
    And secondly , Sita was left near Sage Valmiki’s Ashram as per Ram’s instruction to Lakshman.
    Valimiki was already a Sage when He met devi Sita .
    He was already a transformed person from thief to a SAGE .

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