Bhardavi Heaven – episode 28


The brothers arrive.Lakshman asks-what happened,Ram says-I need your help.Bharat says-we are always there to serve you.Ram says-I want to abandon Sita.They get surprised.Shatrughn says-wht are u saying.Ram says-with heavy heart iam saying this,i never wanted to punish sita but.Laxman says-order us bhaiya,we will cut tongue of all who raise a single word against bhabhi.Bharat says-bhaiya,u r king,u cn punish those who talk nonesense about bhabhi.Shatrughn says-u r brave,u cn kill them at once.

Ram says-The truth is that i lost many thing after becoming a king and now my wife.Bhar says-no bhaiya,u wll not punish yourself or bhabhi,order us,we will punish them.The brothers agree.
Ram turns to explain but they are shocked to see Sita.Ram left speechless.Lax says-bhabhi,plz don’t misunderstand us.Sita says-i have no complains with anyone and turns to Ram.

She says-raghunandan,this was the issue which is troubling you for many days,but i am not angry,i cn understand your pain,but u r a king,you should follow rajdharm.Ram is sad.
She says-allow me,to leave,he is shocked and sad.He turns his face.
Sita moves and returns wearing vakal vastra.The brothers are shocked.She touches Ram’s feet and asks him to take car of himself and all and don’t cry ever.Ram blesses her but can’t reply.

He asks Lakshman to take Sita to valmiki ashram safely.The sisters hear the conversation.Urmila says-why jijaji,why this all,we hv full faith on didi,she can’t leave us.Mandavi says-the guilty are those who hv dared to talk nonesense.Shrutakirti says-they should be punished.

Credit to: Aman

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    This ff is marvelous . extremely nice description of events

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