Bhardavi Heaven – episode 27


Davi says-di,are you thinking whathappened in sabha.Kirti says-don’t worry,we all have faith on you.Urmila says-now stop thinking and smile.She smiles and they hug.
Mandavi comes to her room.Bhar says-what happened Davi,why are you tensed,she says-what happening in morning,that is disturbing me,he says-don’t worry,we have faith on her and also on my brother,he will not make bhabhi suffer.She agrees,says-and I have faith on you.They hug.
7 days later

Its godbharai of the sisters.Mithila people come.Sunaina and Chandrabhaga hug their daughters and congratulate them for making them grandmothers.Janak and Kushadhwaj bring gifts for all of them.Bhanuman says-I am very happy for my sisters.He turned to the brothers and says-jijaji,your sons will be even more brave then you all.They will even defeat you in war.Ram says-we 4 are lucky,,that our sons will defeat us.every father wants his son to be 2 steps ahead than him.His brothers agree.They smile.
After,the function is over,mothers and Shanta take the 4 to their rooms.
In night,Mandavi says-I want to eat sweets.Bharat says-ok,sleep have it in morning.She agrees.Its before sunrise,Mandavi wakes up and sees-Bharat is not there.She searches for her,finally she finds him in kichen.
She asks-what are you doing,sees her making kheer.He says-sorry,when you slept.I was tired so I slept but wake up early to make kheer for you.
She smiles-how much you care for me,he says-but the kheer is not tasty,he worries.She says-but your love has made it tasty.

They smile and make each other have kheer.
Mithila people left after giving special laddoos and tips to their daughters for pregnancy,saying-they will come on their delivery.Shanta also leaves.
Ram sees persons of Ayodhya have started hating him.Sita comes.He says-be with me always.She agrees.They hug.
5 days later
Pople’s hatred is increasing,but I can’t live without Sita,I am nothing without her.He calls his brothers.They arrive.He says-I want to talk something important.They look on.

Credit to: Aman

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