Bhardavi Heaven – episode 26

Sita says-you know,a foreigner is not just someone from another’s palace,here it means someone who threatens or think differently.And when they feel threatened by difference,they call it evil.They have now become quick to associate Ravan with what is foreign therefore different.Leave it,just wow that we will not make child feel stranger in Ayodhya or Mithila or anywhere in the world.They smile.As it is time for Ram to come so they moved to their rooms.
4 months later
Mandavi,Urmila,Shrutakirti are also pregnant.Mandavi is in her room.She wants to drink water but Bharat stops her,says-no,I will give it,as I am with you there is no need to worry.He makes her drink water.He puts hands on her face,says-I will be there everytime and as you are pregnant,my concern is the most.They smile.

Ram is visiting Ayodhya at night.Suddenly,he hears the voice of washerman,saying-how fool are they,they are celebrating the pregnancy of woman who resided for 10 months in Lanka.
Another says-yes,you are right,Ravan had so many wives,what if he had any relation with her also.Third says-oh no,we never thought that,the woman who is his wife may be physically touched by anyone else.Fourth says-how can we accept her as our queen,fifth says-niether her child can be our next king,sixth says-I don’t understand,if she went to Lanka,what was the need to take her back,he is a king,can marry anyone else.
Ram is shocked hearing all this,he returned to palace all disturbed,Sita wanted to talk to her but he sleeps.She says-what would have happened.
Next day,Ram is not interested in court affairs.He says-Bharat,plz look after this,I am not feeling well.He says-don’t worry,Bhaiya,take rest.
Sita says-Mandavi,I can’t understand what happened to Raghunandan,he is looking sad.Bharat cames-bhabhi,don’t worry,bhaiya is not feeling well,that’s why.She worries and goes to her room.
3 days later

Everyone is in the court.The people that night come there and starts saying,we are not going to accept your wife and child as capable of living here,another says-how can we think as an impure woman who stayed in Lanka to live here.Everyone is shocked.
Bharat,Lakshman and Shatrughn got angry,say-how dare you saying these foul words to our bhabhi,she is like our mother,we can’t bear her insult,we will kill you here only.Sita stops them.Ram discharges the court.
Mothers are not present as have gone to temple.The sisters come to Sita.

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