Bhardavi Heaven – episode 25


Mandavi comes with oil to massage Sita’s hair followed by her sisters.Mandavi says-di,plz open your hair,Iwill do massage.Urmila says-I will massage your one foot and Shrutakirti,the other.Shrutakirti says-eat almonds,it is hygenic.She smiles.
Mandavi says-your kids bear the sign of foreigner.She stops-didi,I didn’t mean that.Sita starts laughing-of course,you didn’t mean that.Shrutakirti says-you mean,the kids will have signs of our birthplace Mithila.
Sita lay down on the mat ready for the warm oil,to massage her hair.
Urmila busy moving her hands over her legs,says-you must be feeling relaxed as legs get heavy during pregnancy.How strangely,time heals,Sita says.She added-some were eager for me to return.
Mandavi looks puzzled.Sita says-what happened.Mandavi says-didi,if it was not Chhaya Sita but yourself and anyone had asked to give agnipariksha,what have you done.All look on surprised.
Kirti says-didi,we are eager tell.Sita says-I would have called on agnidev to prove my purity,not only for myself but for every women,who are questioned regarding purity.
Urmila says-so strange,men can have more than 1 wife and noone qestions their characters but women are questioned even if they seek shelter at any other man’s house.
Shrutakirti recalls the moment,says-di,when you went to exile,a washerman’s daughter was punished for 2 years exile just for spending 1 night at some other man’s house.though younger sumitranandan was not willing but has to follow rajdharm.
Mandavi says-di,we are foreigners in Ayodhya.Urmila says-why are you saying this.She says-when women got married.they get adopted by their husband’s home and people.
Shrutakirti says-but,when we come from Ayodhya,we were not orphans.,our husbands come in search of us.
Mandavi says-because,it was a challenge for them to win the swayamvar,Vishwamitra muni has brought them after restoring peace in dandak forest and who knows what destiny has in store for us,I mean to say our husband don’t adopt us.we adopt them and create homes and families around them.
Mandavi says-let your child hear and carry it forward.She kisses her forehead.The 2 followed and kissed Sita’s forehead.They smile.

Credit to: Aman

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