Bhardavi Heaven – episode 24


Ram’s brothers and Sita’s sisters come to congratulate them.

B-I am very happy,we 3 will become uncle.
S-ya,it will be lovely
M-I will embroider clothes for them
U-I will paint a photo of kids with their parents and teach them shastra etc.
SH-I will teach them all good things
S-They will become worriors like us
L-ya,we will teach them worrior skills
B-They will become great worriors
R-Let,the children come first in the world
S-then do all the planning
They smile

Mandavi says-didi,we will take care of you now.
Urmila is painting a photo,how the kids will look like.Lakshman says- my shoulder is paining.She massages his shoulder and they look at each other.He says-now,I am feeling better.
Shrutakirti is getting ready.Shatrughn takes a flower and puts it in her hair,says-now you are looking beautiful.They smile.
Shanta comes to Ayodhya.She says-Sita,I am very happy.Iam waiting to see your kids.She smiles.
The sisters are making her drink milk.She drinks,says-If the kids have 3 masi,then no need of mother.Urmila says-didi,why you are saying this,we all will be together always.Mandavi says-didi,we missed you for 14 years not again.Shrutakiti says-didi,we will never be seperated.

Sita says-I just joked,don’t be serious.They hug.
Its morning,Kaushalya says-Sita,I have made special ladoo for you.It is a very healthy diet for women in pregnancy.Kaikeyi says-have it daily,and don’t take any stress.Sumitra says-and don’t lift any heavy article.With work,you need rest also.They smile.
Ram-Sita and Bharat-Mandavi make each other have food with their own hands.

Credit to: Aman

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