Bhardavi Heaven – episode 23

They reach the spot and moved in different direction to travel.Bhardavi sit at a place to eat fruits.They make each other eat fruits and smiled.After spending some good time,the 4 pairs returned.Mothers ask-how was the trip.They replied-fine.
at night,in Bhardavi room,Bharat says-these type of trips give peace.Mandavi says-and are necessary to remain healthy.They sleep.
Next day,Bharat is busy in looking after affairs.At night,he comes to his room.Mandavi says-you are looking tired.Bharat replies-my head is paining.Mandavi says-you worked all day,so.Bharat says-yes.Mandavi says-let me massage your head.It will relax you.Mandavi applies oil and massages his head.They look at each other.Bharat says-now I am feeling better.She smiles.
6 months later

Kaushalya says-today,Shanta and Rishyasringa are coming.Sumitra says-I am so happy,we will see her after a long time.Kaikeyi says- they might be reaching by evening.
In evening,they arrive.Everyone greets them.Kaushalya asks-munivar,is there anything to worry,Ram says-you told to tell something important what was that.They look on.
Rishyasringa says-yes,its important,but not sad but happy news.Kaikeyi asks to tell quickly.
He says-maharani Sita is going to get pregnant.Shanta teases Ram-Sita.They are happy.He says-Ram,your sons will be even more powerful than you,with your bravery,they will get Sita’s sanskar.After Sita,her sisters-Mandavi,Urmila,Shrutakirti will also get pregnant.Bharat,Lakshman,Shatrughn smiled seeing their wives and they get shy.The 4 will give birth to victorious sons.The 4 will give birth to 2 sons each.
Shanta says-now,give us good news soon.They smiled.

15 days later
Sita while doing puja feels restless.Mandavi asks if she is fine,she replies-yes.While moving to her room,she again feels restless but gets fine soon.
The royal cat is the first to realize that Sita is with child followed by royal bird.
He flies and gives this message to Janak-Sunaina and they get happy.
Ram asks-are you fine,Sita says-I am feeling restless.Kaushalya insits to call daima.She comes and checks Sita.She says-its good news,queen Sita is pregnant.Siam and mothers get happy.
This news spread and Ayodhya started celebrating.

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