Bhardavi Heaven-episode 21


All the pairs take bath.During coronation ofRam and Sita ,Lakshman started laughing as Nidra devi approached her.He started laughing.Sumitra asks-what happened,why are you laughing.Everyone is shocked.He replies-I was waiting for this day,and today when it came,I have to sleep as a promise made to Nidra devi and my wife will see it on my behalf.He comes to his room.Urmila says-how will you see the coronation.He says-with your eyes.They smile ,he sleeps whereas she comes to Rajyasabha.Ram-Sita are crowned.matas do the arti.all are are distributed and songs are sang.Sugriv,Tara,Ruma,Angad,Vibhishan ,Kesari,Anjana,Hanuman all are present.Next day,Lakshman wakes up and asks about coronation.Urmila tells everything happily.few days passed happily.All of them sang gloryand victory of Siam-Lakshman.They returned to their places.

Vashisha does a puja after which the 4 pairs can start their married life.They are happy,it is a new begining of their life.Their rooms are decorated.They went to their rooms.Bhardavi comes to their room.
Bharat says-After a long period of time,we are living together.Mandavi says-I had faith that everything will be fine.He moves closer to her whereas she shys away.He holds her hand.She plays.
He lifts her up and comes to bed.They look at each other.They consummunate their marraige.Rest 3 pairs also consummunate their mairrage.

Next day,Bharat wakes up.She sees Mandavi dressing up.He puts sadi on his head and says-you are looking beautiful.They smile.

Credit to: Aman

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