Bhardavi Heaven-episode 20


1 month later
Kartik amavasya,Ram ,Sita and Lakshman are returning to Ayodhya.Bharat is going to kill himself as it is getting late.Mandavi is worried.Hanuman comes,says-no need of this Bharat bhrata,shri Ram is reaching Ayodhya.They get happy.Mandavi gives this news to Ayodhya.All are happy.They came to Nandigram.Suddenly,Ram along with Lakshman,Sita and others in the pushpak viman.The 3 greet the guru,praja,mothers,sisters.They come to Ayodhya.
Sumitra says-Lakshman,go and wake up your wife from deep sleep.He agrees.Sita says-yes,she waited for you for last 14 years,go.

Lakshman comes to his room,he wakes her up from sleep.Urmila wakes up.She was not able to identify him,says-who are you,don’t dare to touch me.If my brother in laws,father or husband,comes to know,they will not spare you.Lakshman pacifies her by saying-I am your husband,son of Dasharath and Sumitra,brother in law of Janak.She realizes that he is her husband.They cry and hug each other.He combs and braids her hair.

The sisters are in their room.Mandavi questions her I heard jijaji asked for agnipariksha,is it true.Sita says-yes.Urmila says-but why,he has full faith on you.Sita says-it is nothing like that.Shrutakirti says-Then,why.she says-he did so just to take me back from fire.She tells while moving to dandakarany,Ram tells her that Ravan is coming to kidnap her,so he asked me to reside in fire leaving my shadow behind,known as chhaya Sita.

Shrutakirti says-it means,you were also seperated from your husband for 14 years.Sita says-its ok,but Iam proud of you 3,2 of you have been seperated from your husband unnecessarilyfor 14 years and Shrutakirti,living with your husband,you lived an unconsumunated married life.
Shrutakirti says-how can I and my husband live happily if our brothers and sisters are unhappy,staying away with their lifepartners.They hug.

Diyas are enlighted and Ayodhya is looking heaven.Preparations are going on for the coronation ceremony of Ram.

Credit to: Aman

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