Bhardavi Heaven-episode 19


11 months later
At Nandigram,Bharat is praying,suddenly he saw a vanar flying in the sky.He thinks it might be an asur came to harm Ayodhya.He shot an arrow at him and the vanar fell down chanting jai shri Ram holding a mountain in his hand.Bharat is shocked hearing Ram’s name and says-who are you.He says-I am Rambhakt Hanuman.He asks-why are you holding this mountain.He replies-Lakshman is hurt by Meghanad,son of Ravan,to cure him sanjeevani buti is required but I was unable to identify,so took the entire mountain.Bharat cries.Hanuman asks-why are you crying.He says-I am Bharat,Ram and Lakshman are my brothers.go as soon as possible and save my brother,I will help you,sit on my arrow and when I will shot the arrow and you will reach to them immediately.He agrees.

Bharat shots the arrow and it reaches Ram.Laxman is cured and he opens his eyes.Everyone is happy.
On hearing about Laxman,Sumitra starts crying.Mandavi consoles her saying nothing can happen to him as he has a pativrata patni and caring brother with him.

Mandavi says-Kaikeyinandan,I am worrying ,Sita didi is at Ravan’s place.Bharat says- why are you worried,my brothers are worriors,if he is not returning her,war is necessary,I am sure dharm will win.

Mandavi recalls flashback of swayamvar scene and Ravan’s horrified face.She says-Kaikeyinandan,you are talking as you haven’t seen Ravan,I have seen him.she was in panic.
She says- he came to Sita didi’s swayamvar,when he couldn’t lift the dhanush,he started insulting all of us,badepitashri,badima,Sita didi,whole Mithila.

Bharat sees the terror in the eyes of his wife.He says-don’t worry,Ravan can’t do what my brother has done,not Ravan but Ram bhaiya has married your sister.He says-she is my bhabhi,nothing will happen to Ram bhaiya,Lakshman and Sita bhabhi,I am sure,the 3 will return safe.
Mandavi says-kaikeyinandan,you are right,jijaji has done what Ravan can’t.They need our support and prayers,we will encourage them.They smile.

Credit to: Aman

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