Bhardavi Heaven-episode 18


Mandavi says-why ma,why,why you earned hate in everyone’s eyes.Kaikeyi says-I have done what a mother should do for his sons.Mandavi consoles her-you are great.
5 years later

Shatrughn comes worried.Kaushalya asks -what happened.He tells according to my spy,Sita bhabhi is kidnapped by Ravan.Sumitra says-no,this can’t happen.Shrutakirti says-are you sure.He says-yes.Mandavi asks-how it happened.Shatrughn says-Shurpnakha,Ravan’s sister wanted to marryRam bhaiya but when he rejected,she moved to Lakshman,but when he also rejected,then in anger she moved towards bhabhi to kill her,Lakshman bhaiya chopped off her nose.Her brothers Khar-Dushan attacked but killed,so she went to Ravan and he asked his mama Marich to become a golden deer.
Mandavi says-Marich,son of Tadaka.

He says-yes.Shrutakirti says-But,didi haven’t she recognised his magic.Mandavi says-tell,what happened.He says-Bhabhi wanted to take care of her,so she asked bhaiya to fetch it.He agreed leaving behind Lakshman .The deer took him Bhabhi got worried and asked Lakshman to follow him.Though he was not willing but agreed to her words .Drawing a line and asked not to cross it,he left.
Ravan came in form of sage.Bhabhi takes fruits for him but he asked to cross the line.Mandavi says-haven’t didi suspected on him.

Sumitra says-it has to happen.He says-when she crossed,he kidnapped her.
Mandavi comes to Kaikeyi and tells her everything,and asked if she knew,She says-no,I just want the 3 to return safe.She cries.Mandavi says-don’t cry,everything will be fine.
Shatrughn is tensed.Shrutakirti says- can’t we help them.He says-Ram bhaiya will not approve of it.

Credit to: Aman

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow this epi is faboulous bro… pls continue it..

      1. Padmaja

        No bro it cant happen…. aad none version of ramayana is telling like dat…

  2. Anya

    This ff is awesome.I have always follows this ff but I have created a new account t here and skr rocks

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