Bhardavi Heaven-episode 17


Mandavi says-I want to teach girls of Ayodhya.I am worrying for their education.An educated society including females is necessary for development of rajya.Bharat says-I am also thinking the same,whatever knowledge I got in vashishth ashram and kaikey,I want to provide to boys.They agreed.
3 years later

Mandavi is teaching the girls regarding dharm,she says-we should follow Dharm at every step of life,Bharat is teaching the students regarding astra and shastra.
Mandavi finds a letter from kaikey.It is for queen Kaikeyi,but she is not there and will return till evening.She thinks-it might be something important.Hesitatingly,she opens it.She is shocked to read it.The words were harsh but true.She can’t beleive her eyes.She thinks to talk to queen Kaikeyi,says-I will wait for her.

Its evening,Kaikeyi returns,she gives the letter to her.She reads it and is shocked.She asks-where did you find this.She says-I was cleaning your room,then I find it.She asks-have you read.She says-yes.Mandavi says-ma,why,you did this,why you take so much oain hidden inside.Tell everyone.Sharing grief is lessening grief.Sh says-now,no need to share this and plz don’t tell anyone till 14 years gets completed.

Mandavi asks-why,ma.She says-because,my father had a boon,that he can understand the words of birds.They told her that Ram has to leave for exile for killing demons,its necessary but if anyone ,Ram or his brothers will sit on the throne for these 14 years will die.

I never wanted maharaj to die and Ram to suffer but is written in destiny.I knew,if Ram will sit on the throne,his liife will be in danger.I asked maharaj for these 2 boons intentionally,I knew Bharat will never sit on throne which belongs to Ram.In this way,I saved the life of my sons and am happy that Ram’s sandals are placed on it.Mandavi is shocked.

Credit to: Aman

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow the epi is awesome bro and is the story is true???

    1. ya,in some text,butI referred to sita’s sister

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