Bhardavi Heaven-episode 16


Shat-Kirti comes for the puja.Food and clothes are distributed among poor.Kaushalya says-If maharaj would be there.Mandavi says-don’t cry ma,its jijaji’s birthday and pitaji’s soul will be happy.
Mandavi is doing embroidery.She thinks to make favourite food of Kaikeyi.She comes with food to Kaikeyi AND SAYS-ma,its your favourite food.The 2 matas come.Kaushalya says-Today,we will have food together.They smile.

Kirti comes.Davi is embroidering.She asks-didi,tomorrow is Bharat’s birthday.She says-yes,I know.She says-have you planned a gift.Mandavi says-I will make his favourite food.Shrutakirti says-go and have food together.Mandavi says-ok,you are right.

Its morning,Mandavi along with Shrutakirti,matas and Shatrughn going to Nandigram.She asks Kaikeyi.She says-no,he will not like,I bless him.
At Nandigram,Bharat is happy seeing all of them.Kaushalya says-today is your birthday.He touches their feet.Sumitra says-after a long time,we are seeing you.I am very happy.They have lunch.Shatrughn says-Someone special has arranged it.Bharat says-Mandavi.Kaushalya says-yes,she has done all this.He looks at her.She smiles.

Sumitra says-now,we are leaving.Bhardavi can have food together.Sumitra agrees.
Bharat and Mandavi make each other have food with their hands.Mandavi starts coughing.Bharat gets worried.he makes her drink water.He asks-is she fine.She says-as we are together,nothing can happen.They smile.

Credit to: Aman

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