Bharath and Mandavi 0S

Guys i am priya i thought of writing a os on bharath and mandavi this is very short

The night bharath came to ayodha after knowing the truth of ram vanvas he is devastated he is both angry and sad he had made a big decision of his life to also become a vanvasi he is all set to go
But before that he is here to tell his wife abt his decision he donno whether she will accept it or not but he is very adamant in his decision his thoughts r disturbed by opening of the door
It was mandavi bharath is just staring at the sky mandavi goes to him and ask him to fullfill her 1 wish bharath interupts saying mandavi i wanted to talk to u something important mandavi again says fullfill my wish bharath ask her wat is ur wish she says will u take me with u to van bharath is shocked that who she knew his thoughts mandavi smiles at him and says through marriage we both became one our souls become one so our thoughts became one bharath is relieved but a layer of fear occupies his heart if something happens to her bharath says no u cant come with me moreover u princess it will be tough for u to live there mandavi says it will be more tough for me to live without u here bharath doesnot agree then if u r going alone better kill me here then to feel the pain of separation and takes the sword bharath shouts mandavi and runs to her and throws the sword and hugs her she says please don’t leave me alone bharath says never i will leave u alone will be together for eternity and i will love u infinty


Credit to: Priya


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