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Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saurabh says we all work hard, but everyone do not succeed, its in Lord’s hands, when a person’s ego increases, he gets away from devotion, Lord and humanity, where Bhakti ends, Ego starts there, what happens when Bhakti and Ego strike, see the story of Vaibhav Laxmi ji’s devotee Divya.

Divya sings the aarti and prays. She feeds many people. Her husband Girish comes. She says you were going to come tomorrow. He says I have come and seen where my earnings go. She says there are our guests. He argues. Pandit tells Girish that Maa Laxmi does not make devotees sleep early, you and Divya became a reason today. He goes. Girish gets angry and goes. Divya apologizes to Mata. She hides the idol. Girish comes to her and apologizes. He tells her about big contract, they got it. She

gets glad. He thanks her for support. They hug.

Its morning, Divya goes to temple and prays. Girish asks manager how can you be so careless. Manager says I was telling you since few months, machines were working on overload, before taking any new contract, we should get machines repaired. Girish says not possible, I got new contract, I have to complete it on timelines. Divya apologizes to pandit and says Girish does not believe Maa Laxmi’s blessings. pandit asks her not to worry. Girish takes risk and says we will get machines repaired after first consignment, work should not stop.

Girish is on the way and sees Divya at the temple. He thinks how did Divya come here after I stopped her. Divya gives apple to beggar lady. Girish does not get her and goes. He leaves in his car. His driver hits someone. People gather there. Divya is on the way and stops seeing Girish’s car. Girish asks driver how can he hit that man. Driver says that man came in front. Girish says we have no time, I have to go on meeting and asks him to drive. He leaves. Divya sees the man injured and helps him. She gets that old man home and takes care of him. Girish comes. Divya thinks how to tell Girish about getting old man home.

She says I was cleaning guest room. He asks her to make a coffee, a man came infront of my car to die, your coffee will save my day. She puts Maa’s idol in his pocket, as he will get angry seeing idol in her hands. He asks did you go to Maa Laxmi temple today, I felt like seeing you there. She says actually….. He gets a call and gets shocked. He asks what, how did this happen. He tells Divya that factory caught fire. He goes. She worries and prays to Maa Laxmi to be with Girish.

Girish gets shocked seeing the fire and says my factory burnt, get water. Manager stops him. Girish cries and says there is nothing left now, bank loan and consignment, do something………..

Its morning, Girish comes home. He sees a man thanking Divya for taking care of her dad. He says I will pray to Mata Laxmi to always bless you, thanks. He takes his dad. The old man blesses Divya. Girish tells Divya that there is much tension, but it does not look like you are tensed for factory fire. She says I was worried. He says you were worried for this old man, why did you get him here. She says this old man got hurt by your car yesterday, he was so unwell, that’s why I got him here. He says it means you were there at temple, anyways what did you get getting him here. She says we can discuss this later. He says factory got ruined, you were not with me here. He throws his jacket and sees Maa Laxmi idol fallen out of pocket. He gets the idol and sees her.

He asks did you keep this in my pocket after I refused. He goes to break the idol. She stops him and says its enough now, I have done puja for your success since four years, I have apologized for your mistakes, hoping you will understand, you don’t have humanity, I will not hide and do puja, I will do puja openly, when you do good with anyone, good will happen with you. He goes. She cries and apologizes to Maa. Girish and Divya lose their home to bank.

Manager asks Girish to stay in his house. Girish says I have one lakh rs and I can start business again. He leaves. Divya thanks manager for offering help and goes. Girish tries to get taxi. He sees his money bag left in taxi and runs. He tells Divya that he lost 1 lakh rs, now they have nothing. She smiles and says no Girish, we still have Maa. He asks Divya to stop it, what will this small idol do, will it get roof for us. She hears temple bell and says come. He asks where. She takes him to temple. Pandit shows a room in the temple. He asks them to stay till they want, Divya helped in temple work. Girish says this would be temple for you, but its cheap hotel for me, take the rent. Divya signs pandit to take it. She feels bad. Pandit goes.

Girish tries to find a job and recalls how his factory got burnt. He gives water to a girl and recalls Divya’s words. He reads newspaper and sees an ad of general manager post vacancy. Divya cleans temple and has backache. Girish asks her why is she doing work, she has backache. She says so what, I m serving Maa, you go and freshen up. He says I can’t see you like this and does her work. She smiles. They sit talking. He shows the newspaper ad to her, and says I will call them, maybe they will call me for interview, I want some work. She says everything will be fine. He says I can’t see you like this. Divya is glad to see Girish changing and prays to Maa to bless them. She says I will do Maa Laxmi’s Akhand Jaap till Girish gets some work. She sits doing the Jaap. Girish looks on. He gets ready and sees Mata Laxmi Textiles vacancy. He can’t make a call and asks Divya to stop this, can she think something apart from devotion, this is all useless. He gets a call from manager. Manager says I wanted you to meet someone, Laxmi textiles owner wants to meet you in next one hour. Girish looks at Divya.

He goes for interview. A girl asks him to take Prasad. He says I don’t want. She asks him to take Prasad, and not refuse for it, he can take it for someone else. He meets Sagar. He recalls the girl. He gets shocked seeing the same man, whose dad was taken care by Divya.

The man says I did not know its you, sit. He asks are you coming from Maa Laxmi’s temple, something good will happen today, give me some Prasad. Girish says sure, and gives Prasad. Girish recalls Divya doing Akhand Jaap and everyone’s words.

He comes home and tells Divya that he got the work, her mannat got fulfilled. She faints. He gets worried and says nothing will happen to you. He asks someone to stop car and realizes his mistake. He asks Maa Laxmi to save Divya. He prays to Maa Laxmi and asks for some proof of existence. The same taxi comes back. He says your bag was left in my taxi, what happened to madam. Girish says help me in taking her to hospital. The driver returns his bag too. Girish takes Divya to hospital.

Girish asks Divya to get up. She gets conscious. Girish thanks Maa. Later, Divya and Girish do the aarti. The man returns their house papers. Girish thanks him for investing in his business and reviving it. Divya says Maa has given this new life, give us strength to walk on right path, always bless us. Saurabh says where there is ego, there is just darkness, our life gets completed when we have devotion and humanity. He says Tulsi Das’ doha and concludes the episode.

A lady prays and her relative makes her sign on some papers. The girl says you all cheated me. She tells the judge how Jwala Mai has witnesses everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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