Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saurabh says everyone gets a bad time, when the person does not try, he can’t win, he has to make attempts, our story is of Maa Saraswati’s devotee Hansa, she has trust on Maa Saraswati and herself too. Hansa runs to get to the class on time. She apologizes to teacher and says sorry I got late. He asks her to sit. She sees Maa Saraswati’s idol on the table and prays. She checks exam paper and gets shocked. Teacher says its maths paper today. A girl smiles and says Hansa prepared for wrong exam, she can’t come first now. Hansa wakes up from this dream.

Hansa sees the time and stops alarm of bhajan. She goes to pray and says why do you show me such dreams to trouble me. Hansa comes from bath and does not see the idol. She worries and looks for it. Her mum gives her tea

and asks about idol. Hansa smiles and says I know who took the idol.

A girl Nisha has the idol. Her mum gives her badam and asks her to study well and pass exam. She says your dad bought this idol for Hansa, he cares for his sister and niece Hansa a lot, if I could, I would have kicked them out. Hansa does puja of books and prays. She tells her mum that these books are avatar of Maa Saraswati, she is not restricted to just idol. Her mum says since your dad died by not getting treatment on time, you are working hard to become doctor. The peacock feather falls over the book. Hansa smiles and tells her mum that she will get Saraswati Maa anywhere.

Hansa sits studying and Nisha troubles her by disturbing her a lot. Hansa goes out to study and tells her uncle that she likes to study in open air. He says I know why you are sitting outside. Hansa says nothing like that. He says I got a gift for you and gives her Maa Saraswati idol. He says I saw this idol and remembered you. Nisha gets angry. Hansa thanks Mama. Mama asks Nisha to study well. He says I m proud of Hansa and asks her to go and study. Hansa takes his blessings. Nisha says I will see how Hansa gives entrance exam and gets an idea.

She goes and burns the exam material. Hansa sees this and rushes to save the papers. Her hand burns and she cries. Her mum cries and stops Hansa. She does not get medicine. Nisha and her mum come there and ask Hansa how will she give exam now. Hansa cries. Her mum does the aid. Hansa tries to write. Her mum hugs her and says give exam next year. Hansa says no, how will we get fees, you sold jewelry to pay my school fees and working hard to give my hostel fees, your hardwork will get waste too. Her mum asks her not to lose courage, Maa Saraswati always supported you, we will go temple, you will feel better.

They go to temple and pray. Pandit sees Hansa’s hand burnt. Her mum makes her drink gangajal. He gives some medicine with blessings. Her mum says we are sure that Maa will prepare Hansa for exam.

Nisha and her mum see Hansa’s hand recovering. Hansa’s mum says your hand will get fine in two days. Hansa prays. Nisha receives a notice for Hansa, by lying to the man. She says I m Hansa. She signs and sends the man. She tears the notice and says even if Hansa’s hand gets fine, she can’t give exam. She throws the notice and smiles.

At exam’s first day, Hansa and her mum reach the exam centre. Her mum says there are two hours for exam, sit and study. They find the gate locked. Nisha and her mum look on and laugh. The guard says this is not centre, did you not get notice, school’s roof fell and centre for changed, exams are at Patna. Nisha recalls reading the notice. Hansa worries and asks how far is Patna. He says nearly 100kms. Hansa cries. Her mum says how will we reach Patna in two hours.

Nisha says we will go home now, we will party. Nisha falls down and gets hurt. Hansa cries and runs on the road. Saurabh says Hansa’s hand burnt, but not her dreams and courage, exam centre is away, how will she travel 100 kms in less time. Hansa tries to take lift and her mum also tries to help. Hansa falls down and prays to Maa Saraswati. She says my name is Hansa, I m your vehicle, its your test too, get a vehicle for me, make me reach to exam centre. An ambulance passes by and Hansa sits in it. She sees a lady in it and asks are you fine. She asks the man why did he make her lie down when she can’t breath. She takes care of lady. The man thanks her and says we have to reach Patna hospital. Hansa asks him to drop her to Patna, she has exam. He says why not, come along. She thanks him. Saraswati ambulance service vehicle leaves which was stuck in the mud.

The man says my name is Mayur. Hansa says I m Hansa, thanks for giving me lift. Her mum prays at home. Hansa prays that she reaches exam centre on time. The man says Patna hospital is here. Hansa thanks him and says I will go from here. She takes the lady’s blessings. hansa gets hurt by a girl’s scooty. The girl apologizes to hit her. Hansa says I m in hurry, I have to reach my exam centre. The girl offers her lift. They leave.

Hansa asks Maa to make her reach the exam centre on time. Hansa reaches there on time and gets relieved. She recalls her dream and sighting same college. She thinks will her dream turn true. She thinks she went for giving wrong subject exam in her dream and worries. She checks room number and rushes. She sees the same invigilator. He asks her to come. She thinks its not like her dream and thanks Maa. Everything happens as per her dream. Another person does not allow her to write exam. She gets worried.

He asks her to leave from the exam hall. Hansa thinks of her mum’s words. She goes to pray. The man asks her to leave. Her coin falls down. The man picks it and sees Maa Saraswati idol on it. she says my centre was changed, I m just 15mins late. Mayur calls him and says Papa I was scared, Maa is fine now, a girl Hansa met me on the way and she helped Maa, her centre changed and she was going for her exam, I think her centre changed for our help. The man stops Hansa.

The man asks Hansa her name, how did she come till here. She says Hansa, I came here by ambulance. The peon says your watch is 5mins fast. The man says we did mistake, you go fast to class. She thanks him and says really….. She thanks the man and goes to give test. She recalls how she got lift by Mayur and Veena’s help. She thanks Maa and gives her exam. Hansa passes the exam and comes first in the entrance exam. She gets admission in her medical college. Nisha understood that doing bad results in bad. Saurabh says Hansa did not lose and had courage, she had devotion in Maa Saraswati and got help, devotion brings person out of all problems. He says Tulsi Das’ doha.

A girl sings bhajan. The man says you are a problem for me and scolds her. The girl prays to Durga Maa and says my Papa does not love me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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