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Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 24th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saurabh tells about a unique story of Lord and Devotee. A young Sayali made such relation with Mata Jeevdani, the relation of mother and daughter, we will see story of Maharashtra girl Sayali. The farmers are bearing big problems because of drought, our story is from one such village. Sayali’s aunty gives her tiffin. Sayali runs taking a roti for her Aai. Subhash’s brother asks his wife to take a roti from his box.

A man/money lender comes and says you brothers took loan from me for three months, its 6 months now. Subhash says I will return money. The man sees the Sayali and asks is she your daughter…. Subhash asks Sayali to go school. The man says educate the girl and save world, give loan and save life. He leaves.

Sayali runs to her Aai. She goes to temple and

hugs Mata Jeevdani. She says that man has troubled my dad a lot, I got late, have this roti and chutney, I m keeping it here, have it. She goes. Pandit gets the roti and chutney and thanks Mata for her Leela, that she has made way for his food by this girl’s devotion, Jeevdani means Jeevan Dayani. The people eat at the temple.

Sayali tells aunty that she keeps roti and comes daily. Aunty asks her to have food. Shyam says let her go, why are you breaking her devotion, its matter of one roti. Aunty says its about 30 rotis for 30 days. They hear a family crying and see a farmer dead. Sayali worries and talks to her dad Subhash. She asks why do people die. He says its necessary, if people don’t die and become stars, the sky will look dark. She says sky is full of stars, now no one will die right. He says stars break it, and people make wishes. She covers the rope recalling the farmer’s death.

Next day, Sayali takes roti for Mata and aunty burns her hand. Shyam raises hand on his wife, and Subhash stops him. Sayali runs to Mata and hugs her crying. She says I did not get roti for you, I did not get food for you, you fast for me and I will fast for you. A lady comes and says its your mistake, you get food from home and keep it here. Sayali asks who are you. The lady says Jeeva, think I m like your Aai. Sayali asks why, this is my Aai. Jeeva smiles and says fine, show me your hand. She sees burn hand and says every wound has a reason, wound gets sorrow and gives happiness when its healed. She heals the wound. She asks why do you regard Mata as Aai. Sayali says since my mother died, I regard her Aai, when did you come and how, I did not see you. Jeeva says eyes and heart should be clean to see anything, your heart is clean, but eyes had tears, take Prasad and eat. Sayali says I will make Aai eat first and keeps food for Mata. She asks shall I take this home for Papa, Kaka and Kaki. She runs for home. She comes home and gives Prasad to aunty. Shyam makes Sayali go to room and scolds his wife. Sayali looks on. Subhash stops his brother and says don’t dare to slap your wife, she is ghar’s laxmi, I should better die. He goes out.

Shyam and Sayali try finding Subhash everywhere. Shaym scolds his wife. Sayali runs to temple and prays for her dad. Shyam gets glad seeing Subhash and says I searched entire village, where were you. Sayali hugs Subhash. Subhash says I went to sell Sayali’s mum last sign, mangalsutra. He gives money to Shyam’s wife and asks Shyam not to speak, business does not run in relations, about Sayali, Jeevdani will take care of her studies and marriage, you guys go to city and start a new life. Shyam’s wife says we will not go anywhere, you all are my family, I want to stay with you all. She hugs Sayali and apologizes.

Money lender Shukla comes there and asks Subhash about money, as he has sold gold yesterday. He beats Subhash. Shyam asks his wife to get money. She gets the money and gives to Shukla. Shukla says this is not interest, I will give you 7 days to arrange 60000rs. He goes. Sayali gives her piggy bank. Shyam says this is enough, we will arrange less, we will repay all money soon. Sayali hugs her father and cries. Sayali gets worried seeing the rope missing. Subhash ties rope to the tree and is about to hang himself. Sayali looks for him. Subhash falls down as rope breaks. Sayali reaches there and sees him. She cries and hugs him. He thinks I was doing wrong, I did not think of my Sayali, I will not go anywhere. Mata’s idol is shown.

Sayali hears announcement that landlord’s son’s birthday is coming, there are many games for kids and elders. Sayali thinks to win the race and give money to her dad. She participates in the race. Sayali runs in the race. She falls down and loses the race. Subhash says its fine if you lost, those are older kids. Sayali asks Mata why did she make her lose, she wanted that money, I will blow off diya here. She blows off diya. Jeeva lights another diya and says diya means light and hope, you are blowing it off. Sayali says yes, I have to show my anger to Aai. Jeeva smiles.

Shyam and his wife see the ration ended at home. The drought continues. Sayali stays angry with Mata. After few days, aunty takes care of Sayali. Sayali does not eat food and runs to temple. Jeeva asks how long will you get angry. Sayali says I had to win in race. Jeeva says maybe others were better, how did Mata make you lose, maybe others had mannat too. Sayali says she is my Aai and should make me win. Jeeva says you are punishing, this stone won’t matter if you blow off fire. Sayali says it will effect her, if lighting diya matters, then blowing off diya will also matter, and know I m angry. Jeeva says you trust your Aai so much, forgive your Aai, if you win now then. Sayali says race is over now. Jeeva says if you won by miracle, would it be not wrong with one who did hardwork. Sayali says fine, I will agree if drought ends. Jeeva says weather is bad, go home. Subhash comes and Sayali goes to him. Sayali says Jeeva said weather is bad, its really getting rainy. Subhash asks who Jeeva Aai, come home and rest.

It starts raining. All farmers get happy. Sayali thanks Mata. Bhakton ki bhakti…..plays…………. Sayali dances in rain. Saurabh says it was unique relation with Sayali and Devi, some people do puja thinking Devi is annoyed, here bhakt was annoyed with Devi, and blown off diya daily, it was Anushtaan of her trust, atlast Sayali’s wish was fulfilled, this is called power of devotion, devotion does not go waste. He says Kabir Das’ doha.

A lady does puja. She works hard to become a docrot. She gets to know what exam is not in one centre and prays to Maa Saraswati.

Update Credit to: Amena

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