Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a lady waking up by a bad dream. She sees her husband in trouble. She is pregnant and tells the child that Ayush will be coming back soon. She waits for Ayush and calls him. She says he is not taking my call. She calls Sanjeev. Sanjeev tells boss that Ayushman’s wife is calling, he is missing. She asks him to progress by using this report, we will show his report live, we will show his pregnant wife, our channel will get number one, Ayushman is our reporter who went to cover soldiers, make this news useful for us, cover it live. He says but we have to answer Ekta. She asks him to handle it. Sanjeev ignores Ekta’s call.

Sanjeev goes and meets Ekta and her dad. He lies that Ayush is fine, he will come back till tomorrow. Ekta asks why is he not meeting

her eyes. He says don’t worry and goes. Ekta tells her dad that Sanjeev is hiding something, my heart is worried. She goes and prays for Ayush. She sits down. Her dad asks how will you sit in this state. She says just help me, nothing will happen. She prays to Durga Mata. Jai Durge….plays……….

After few days, they get shocked seeing Sanjeev’s report on Ayushman, saying Ayush has gone missing in the ice storm, Ayush’s wife is pregnant, think what will she go through knowing he is missing. Ekta recalls Sanjeev’s life. She gets shocked and faints. Her dad holds her. Sanjeev says Ayush is my friend, I will find him, you all pray that we get Ayush. Boss smiles seeing the report and says we did it, now no one can stop our channel from becoming number one. She calls Sanjeev and says you reported well, your promotion is confirmed, Ayush should not be found. Sanjeev gets shocked. She says this won’t be good for our channel, we will lose public sympathy.

Ekta prays to Maa for Ayush. She gets a call. Her dad says its Ayush’s call. He shows call to Ekta. She gets shocked and they look at the idol. Ekta answers call and asks Ayushman are you fine. A kid talks in some language. She asks where is my husband, I don’t understand. The lady takes the call and says that was my daughter Noor, she got this phone, who are you. Ekta says I m Ekta, this is my husband’s phone, give me your address. The lady says sure, and gives her address. Ekta says Gulmarg….

Ekta and her dad start leaving and the car tyres get flat. Driver asks them to take any other car. Ekta says now we have to drive on our own, Mata Rani is with us, will you come. He says yes, I will drive. She says your eyes had operation recently, can you drive. He asks her not to worry. They leave.

They hear news that Ayush is not found till now. Her dad gets tensed and loses focus on the road. Ekta worries seeing the big truck coming, and holds her stomach. Her dad turns the car and gets saved. She starts praying. The car is about to hit the tree and her dad applies the brakes. She gets stomach ache. Her dad gets his broken specs and asks Ekta is she fine. She asks for water. He says water fell down. She sits praying. Her dad goes to get water. She tells the baby that Dadu will get water. She faints. Her dad looks for water around the place. He rushes back to Ekta. He looks for her.

Later, Ekta opens eyes and is at some home. Ekta asks where I m, where is my father in law. The lady says you were alone in the car, how will you go Gulmarg in this state. Ekta says I have to go and find my husband. The lady gives her Prasad and says sit here, I will arrange food. Ekta prays to Maa and thanks for saving her baby. She thinks to find Ayush. She goes to her car and drives.

Saurabh asks how does this courage come that Ekta went to find her husband in pregnant state, was this her will power of her devotion, or both, we have to see how long Ekta goes by her devotional power. She calls on Ayush’s number. The lady says it will be raining for three days and talks to Noor. They don’t see the incoming call.

Noor calls her and asks where are you. Ekta says I m coming Gulmarg, I m finding route. The lady asks Noor to study. Noor says right… Ekta asks shall I take right, tell me. A procession goes and sign board gets covered. Ekta takes the right turn, which is wrong. She drives ahead and gets ache. She stops at the stall and says I m going Gulmarg. He says this way goes to Katra, not Gulmarg, you had to take left for Gulmarg. She says but she told me to take right. The man says one more person came here, see Bau ji. Her dad gets glad seeing her. He asks are you fine, sit. He tells man that she is my bahu. He says I got water and did not find you, I tried finding you everywhere. She says I met a woman named Sharda, she gave me Prasad. He says even I met Sharda, she gave me specs, and Prasad, she made me sit in bus and said this bus will make me reach destination. She says how can Sharda be at two places. The man says its Mata Rani’s miracle, she called you Katra. They see news of landslide at Gulmarg. Ekta says now I understood why Mata Rani did not wish us to go Gulmarg. The man asks them to visit Mata Rani darbar once. Ekta agrees. Ekta and dad go to visit temple. Ekta says Mata Rani did miracle and called us here, there will be some reason, nothing will happen to my baby, I have to go. She walks all the distance. She prays to Maa and says you always assured me that my Ayush is fine, I will sit here in devotion, till you assure me. Her dad says you can’t sit like this. Ekta says mother will protect a mother. She sits there and prays. She gets stomach ache.

Sanjeev says we are sorry to say we could not save Ayush, I feel Ayush lost his life while doing his duty, come we will salute him, I will miss you my friend. Sanjeev prays for Ayush’s soul peace. Ayush is alive and under the ice debris. He lights a lighter, and shouts. Ekta prays for some miracle to happen. Noor goes to get the ball. She sees the ice melting and hears Ayush. She calls her mum and runs.

Noor tells her mum about Ayush. The lady recalls Ekta’s words. Ekta is still praying sitting outside the temple. Ayush is found by the lady. The news come that a 7 year old kid Noor has found Ayush. The stall vendor sees the news and gets glad. The reporter says Ayush is fine now. Ekta gets labor pain.

Her dad worries and asks her to get up. She still prays. The man comes there and informs about Ayush. He says your husband is fine, Noor saved his life. Ekta and Ayush’s dad get glad and thank Mata.

Ekta delivers the baby. Ayush meets her and they all get glad. Saurabh tells about the power of devotion and belief. He says world said Ayush is not alive, but Ekta was sure Ayush was alive, will you call this coincidence, or signs given my Lord, Ekta has devotion on Maa Vaishnodevi, Ayushman met his family. He says kabir das’ doha in end.

A girl keeps fast and says Raj will come back, Lord will bring Raj back after 7 days. She visits temple and keeps mannat for Raj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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