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Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 10th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saurabh tells about bringing such stories which will make viewers think can this really happen. The stories will show relation between devotee and Lord. The story shows a story of Rishikesh, a devotee whose believe in Maa Durga always supported her. An old lady does bhajan and puja. She lights diya and Mamta troubles her stopping her puja. She asks her to fill water from downstairs. The old lady says I got water in morning. Mamta says ask your Mata to call you now, I got married 10 years ago, you did not give property to us till now. The old lady asks Maa to forgive Mamta and keeps sugar to lessen the anger.

The old lady goes to fill water and asks Lord to help. A little girl comes and says I will lift the water bucket. The man says I was finding the girl, and offers help to

the old woman. The girl says call me if you need help. The old lady says who else will I call, she is Durga Maa. The man says the girl did play of Durga Maa in school.

Mamta smiles as a man stares at her. The man Kundan asks her to change her habits now. Kundan tells her to ask Keshav and hire a servant. Mamta says I m doing this for her health. The old lady prays the next day. The old lady says after 15 years of my marriage, you gave me Keshav, always keep this house blessed.

Mamta comes with papers and asks her to put her thumb impressions on it. The old lady refuses and says you can do anything after I die, not now. Mamta says I told Keshav that I will take the thumb impressions any how, she forces the old lady and takes her thumb impression, by hurting the old lady. The girl brings flowers for Maa Durga idol and gives to the old lady.

Later at night, Mamta packs her bag and asks Keshav to drop her to her Maayka. He says Maa will live for few days, how much money will we get after selling this house. She says 25 lakhs, I found a buyer, think who do you want. Keshav goes to his mum and she asks why did you come at this time, my cough is disturbing you. He says no, I got this tablet for you. She prays. He gives her sleeping tablet. Mamta takes the thumb impressions again and asks him to get car. He sees the storm and Maa Durga idol.

Mamta plans to throw the old lady and is on the way in car. Keshav’s mum/the old lady wakes up and takes Durga Maa name. Mamta asks Keshav to drive fast. They go to throw the old lady. Police jeep stops there near the temple and driver tells inspector that he will check the jeep. Mamta says I will do this work. Inspector comes out of the jeep. Driver says this happened for the first time, I did servicing some days back. Mamta throws the old lady and smiles. The old lady shouts Durge maa. Inspector hears the sound. Driver/constable asks him not to go that side. Mamta and Keshav sit in their car. Their car does not stop and they check the stone coming on the way. They move the stone and start the car. They leave before inspector reaches them. Inspector sees the temple bells ringing and hears the old lady. He goes down in the lake to find the old lady. He gets her specs and finds the old lady there. He rescues her and brings her out from the lake cliff. Constable says its miracle, car started on his own and storm stopped too, we will drop her to hospital.

Saurabh says Manu’s jeep stopped, was this coincidence or an old lady’s devotion power. Why did Maa Durga made Manu the way to save Jagdamba. Manu’s wife gets a dream that Jagdamba is giving her a baby. She wakes up by that dream. Manu wakes up and his wife Shri is she fine. She says yes. He asks her did she get same dream again. She says yes, I get same dream since you got transferred here, its like some message, is that about the gir. He says be practical, if you think about babies all day, you will dream about babies, dream don’t get true. She says but they give hope. He says we have done medical tests since 9 years and its one result that we can’t become parents, you should accept this truth, we are happy. He gets a call and says fine, I m coming. He says I have to go for imp work. She hugs him. He says fine, come with me. He says just five mins work in hospital, then we will go anywhere you say. She smiles seeing a girl in hospital and gives chocolate.

Shri sees Jagdamba there and gets shocked. She goes and sees her. She recalls the dream and seeing Jagdamba in it. She smiles. Manu asks what are you doing. Shri says can you believe it Manu, she is that aunty who comes in my dreams. He asks what.

Shri is happy and Manu compliments her beauty. He says you look happy like before today. She says tell me, how is this room looking. He says I m getting jealous. She says fine, you said right, I m very happy. he says this is enough for me. Shri welcomes Jagdamba at her home. Jagdamba asks how are you Shivangi, Singh ji told me about you, that I will be with you both. Shri says yes, come. Jagdamba gets emotional seeing the good arrangements and cries recalling the bad behavior of Mamta. Shri asks what is it. Jagdamba says your heart is very big and blesses her.

Mamta cries to act and says Jagdamba expired. Kundan asks Keshav are you leaving this house. Keshav says no, who told you. Kundan says you are blessed by Mata ji’s good deeds, don’t sell this house, her soul will get peace. Keshav sees the idol in the house and recalls Jagdamba. He feels guilty.

Jagdamba recalls what happened with her and wakes up. Shri sits by her side. Manu says I m trying to find her family. Shri says aunty took Keshav’s name. Manu thinks to put aunty’s pic in newspaper. Mamta throws Jagdamba’s things and Keshav asks her to let it be. Kundan comes and gives him kheer. Mamta comes and puts Durga’s idol with Jagdamba’s belongings. Kundan gets shocked seeing this and picks the idol.

He says you removed even Maa from house and you are selling temple Keshav, not this house. He goes. Mamta says Kundan comes daily. Keshav says we did wrong with Maa. Mamta says why, we did good deed to give her Mukti, she was ill. Jagdamba and Shri pray at their home. Kundan places the idol at his home and prays with his family. Shri tells Manu that she did prayers for Jagdamba. He says you have to accept this, our fate does not have this that we become parents. Jagdamba says you believe fate and not Lord. Manu gets a call and says what, fine, I will come.

Kundan meets Jagdamba and Manu. He tells everything. Manu asks Singh to arrest Keshav and Mamta. Jagdamba says no, let them live happily, I have no complains, I will not meet them. She goes and prays crying. Keshav tells Mamta that Maa has forgiven us, Kundan met her, we tried to kill her, we did big sin. She tries to stop him. Keshav gets more guilty. She asks him to get back Maa ji back. Mamta’s room catches fire and she calls for help. Keshav apologizes and sits there in fire. Shri says Jagdamba is shocked, we shall take her to hospital. Manu gets a call and asks what. Jagdamba wakes up and says Keshav, no this can’t happen. Manu looks on shocked.

They go to hospital. Kundan says Mamta died before coming here. Keshav apologizes to Jagdamba and has burn wounds. Jagdamba prays and feels she is breaking, she needs her Maa. She prays for Keshav and that little girl comes there. The girl gives her Maa idol. Keshav is treated. Shri comes to Jagdamba and tells Jagdamba that there is miracle, Keshav got conscious. She cries seeing Jagdamba dead and hugs her crying. Manu comes there and gets shocked.

After a year, Shri sings bhajan at Keshav’s house, which is preached as temple now. Shri gets a daughter. Keshav asks Manu what name they did keep. Manu says Jagdamba, maybe she came so that everything gets fine for us, I will make her like Jagdamba aunty. They smile. Saurabh asks did Manu and Shivangi’s story is just a story, or is there any imp lesson, that we are responsible for our deeds, Shri has understood sign and took care of Jagdamba, and Keshav and Mamta did not understand the sign and faces hurdles, what you sow is what you reap. He says Kabir Das’ doha.

There is land slide news and a lady prays for her husband. Ekta is pregnant and has courage to save her husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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