Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pavitra’s blanket man locks Bhoomi inside store room and starts toxic gas. Bhoomi starts feeling breathlessness smelling fumes and tries to call Ansh.

Vasundhara starts dancing in party on Dilbar dil ke pyaare…song. Whole family gets humiliated seeing her dance. Ansh tells Varun that only Bhoomi can control badi maa, but she is missing. Varun says even he is searching her since a long time. Bhoomi calls Ansh, but his phone is in room. She then calls Varun, but his phone is on blazer pocket, so he could not hear bell. Ansh says he will call Bhoomi and check, does not find mobile and says he left it in his room. Varun picks phone from his blazer pocket and sees Bhoomi’s misscall. They both start searching Bhoomi.

Ansh reaches store room and smells gas. He

realizes Bhoomi must be in and also hears phone ringing. He says bhoomi that he knows she is in and will break door. Varun also reaches and they both break door open and are shocked to see Bhoomi unconscious on floor. They carry her to room. Shukla family gets worried and daadi asks what happened to her as Ansh is not telling anything. Bhoomi says she did not eat since morning, so got unconscious due to weakness.

Vasundhara asks Pavitra to get out of her house. Pavitra says she is not a doll that she throws sometimes and keeps in home sometimes. Vasundhara asks if she is not ashamed to do such a heinous act. Bhoomi says Pavitra is not involved in it. Vasundhara says she is already ashamed of insulting family, but cannot more. Pavitra asks who is she to scold her. Vasundhara says she is an elder of this house and cannot let anyone harm her feel, how dare she is to try to kill Bhoomi. Ansh looks at Bhoomi and Bhoomi nods yes. Pavitra starts insulting Vasundhara and says Vasundhara is her mother and not Kavita. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Agram asks Pavitra why is she lying. Kavita says she told she is her daughter. Pavitra says she is not. Agram asks Pavitra to prove that she is Vasundhara’s daughter. Pavitra says Vasundhara’s nervous and bent head proves it. Vasundhara says she is lying. Pavitra says she will call her uncle Chandrakanth who will prove it. Vasundhara says he cannot come as she killed him. Kavita starts acting as panicking hearing her husband’s death and falls unconscious.

Varun sprinkles water on Kavita and wakes her up. Kavita acts as gaining back her memory and identifies Agram and Inder. Bhoomi and Ansh ask Vasundhara to go and rest and she gets up. Kavita strangulates Vasundhara for killing her husband.

Precap: Pavitra looks at Vasundhara’s pic and says her end is soon now.

Update Credit to: MA

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