Bhagya Lakshmi 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth and Kavya’s marriage continues. After pheras, Pandit asks Samarth to apply sindhoor on Kavya’s forehead. Samarth does same. Panditji says marriage is complete. Samarth throws his veil and leaves. Veilf falls into havan fire. Kuhu rushes and frees Kavya’s pallu. Mansa taunts that pallu burnt even before gathbandhan is freed.

Samarth walks out out of house. Bhairavi says still graha pravesh is left. He says he does not care. Bhairavi convinces him and gets back to marriage venue and asks Mansa to take Vasundhara and her granddaughters upstairs while she handles guests and sends them.

Mansa taunts Kavya again that gathbandhan burnt before freeing it and much more inauspiciousness may be awaited. She drops Vasundhara, Kavya, and Kuhu in a room

and leaves. Shrainik comes and asks if they had food. Vasundhara nods no. He calls servants, scolds them to bring food right now. Vasundhara hugs Kavya and cries. Kuhu says she will go down and search Kavya’s asthma pump. Shrainik removes pump from his pocket and asks if this is the one. Kuhu says yes and asks where did he find it. He says in the hall. She thanks him and gives it to Kavya.

Samarth sits in garden and cries reminicing Muskan’s fake love. Muskan calls him repeatedly and he disconnects call.

Shrainik eats food with Vasundhara’s family and tries to feed Kavya when Bhairavi enters and stops him and says grahapravesh has to happen soon. She sprinkles gangajal on Vasundhara, Kavya and Kuhu and says it will keep their evil deeds away from her family. Shrainik asks what is she telling. Bhairavi says she is telling right and asks him to go and call Samarth for graha pravesh. Mansa comes running and says Bannaji is not in his room. Shrainik calls him, but his phone is switched off.

Bhairavi takes everyone downstairs and asks panditji if graha pravesh can be postponed for some time. He says auspicious muhurat is only for 10 min. Shrainik ask if there is any solution. Panditji says bride can do grahapravesh. Kavya is about to do grahapravesh when Samarth enters and stops her and says she does not have right for it and asks Muskan to do grahapravesh. Muskan kicks rice and walks in holding Samarth’s hand. Everyone are shocked seeing this.

Precap: Muskan tells Kavya that she does have to stay in a relationship where there is no love. Kavya slaps her. Samarth tries to interfere, but Kavya warns him to stay away as she is speaking to her sister.

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