Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhoomi gets tensed seeing gas knob broken and no cloth to pick up boiling milk. she tries to pick it with her sari when Maan sees that, runs and picks milk bowl with bare hand. Bhoomi gets tensed seeing his burnt hand and tries to touch it, but he asks her not to. Latha gets in with ugly Suman and get worried seeing Maan’s burnt hands. Maan says Bhoomi was trying to burn her sari, so he picked milk bowl with bare hands. Bhoomi shows that knob is broken and Latha switches off gas regulator. She asks Maan to apply ice and ointment on her wound and asks Bhoomi to take him to their room.

Bhoomi follows Maan to their room with ice and ointment. Vasundhara comes with her guruji and Guruji asks who is the girl with Maan. Latha says she our bahu, maan’s wife. Guru says she is good.

He calls everyone for pooja and asks Bhoomi to perform god idol’s milk abhishek. She does it perfectly with Maan and Guruji tells Vasundhara that she did abhishek without even spilling a drop of milk. Vasundhara and ugly suman get jealous. Guruji tells Vasundhara that Bhoomi is very lucky her for her family and she is bhagya laxmi of this house, but she has to go through a lot of difficulties. Maan gets call from Pradeep that the car they were going for a meeting met with an accident. He informs family he could not go for a meeting due to burn injury and car met with an accident. Guruji says Maan that Bhoomi’s luck stopped him from going and she is very lucky for him. Maan thanks Bhoomi.

Varun comes home and with wwhole family enters Surbhi’s room. He says he will nurse her knife wound. She gets tensed that her lie will be out and says she is fine now. He says he will give her injection. she says she just got a nail pierced. He says she should get injection for sure and gives it and she shouts in pain.

Ugly suman thinks she will break bhoomi’s moun vrat at any cost and calls her from private number. Bhoomi sees pvt number and cuts call. Ugly tries again and Bhoomi switches off mobile. Ugly then calls snake charmers and rents snake so that bhoomi can berak her moun vrat after snake bite.

Bhoomi sees Maan sleeping and tries to apply ointment on his hands, but he wakes up and asks her to throw ointment away. She goes out of room and he goes to washroom. Ugly suman comes in and hides snakes under bed. Bhoomi comes back and shouts seeing snake.

Maan asks Bhoomi where is snake. She says it was on bed and says even suman saw it. Suman says she did not and says Bhoomi wanted to break her moun vrat, so she is lying.

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