Bhagya Lakshmi 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth sees Kavya sleeping. He splashes water on her and she wakes up shocked. He says he does not pay her salary to sleep and asks servant to give her clothes and get her back to work.

Badi maa sadly walks out of her school holding her retirement letter. She sits on a public park bench. Kuku with Muskan passes by on scooty and sees her on bench. Muskan who is self-obsessed about her beauty comments dadi is not seeing her at all. Kuhu says badi maa she knows abouther reteriment, but she has 3 angles will take care of her. Badi maa hugs them both.

Servant takes Kavya to a room, gives waiter’s clothes and says she can give her only this. Kavya says it is okay and locks door to change. She picks her mobile to call daadi and inform that she will be late, sees no

network and complains god that he is using her as a punching bag.

Bhairavi starts havan for Samarth’s success. Guests discuss that Bhairavi loves her brother so much that she is doing havan for his success. Samarth smiles hearing this. Bhairavi continues pooja describing each step. She asks servant to bring lamps. He brings and drops them in front of her. Everyone get afraid seeing that. Bhairavi shouts at servant and dismisses him from work. Pandit then asks to bring oil. Bhairavi says she will bring herself and goes to kitchen.

Badi maa gets tensed seeing Kavya not reaching home even at night and calls her from Kuhu’s mobile. Kavya picks call. Badi maa scolds her what is she doing at office till now. Kavya says she came to her boss’s farm house. Badi maa asks what is she doing there. Kavya says she became MD’s secretary from designer. Badi maa shouts she gave her good education not to be become peon and warns to come home soon, else not to come back again. Kavya is shocked to hear that.

Kavya runs in hall searching Samarth. Bhairavi passes by holding oil and clashes with Kavya and shouts at her who is she, who brought her here. Samarth says he brought her and will handle, not to worry. Bhairavi says if he says, then she will spare this girl. He orders Kavya to clear mess and serve guests next. She says this is not her job. He shouts if her job is to misbehave with boss and others and says she has to obey him, else repay loan.

Precap: Manager informs Bhairavi that Sambhav drew 25 lakhs from company account. She asks him to tell Samarth that she drew it. She turns and sees Kavya listening to her conversation.

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  1. I gave up watching this serial because ansh and diviya not thre. No story without ansh

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