Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara calls her lawyer and says she wants to transfer her power of attorney (POA) to Bhoomi. Suman yells at Bhoomi that she was acting as serving bhabhi maa to get her POA, when Bhabhi maa wanted to throw her out, how can she change her decision. Vasundhara says she knows who is fake and who is genuine in this house and her decision is final. Bhoomi says when there are elders why she. Inder says Bhoomi says she does not know anything about business. Vasundhara says she will learn slowly. Bhoomi takes Ansh to their room and says she does not want to accept this responsibility as he and Agram are there to take care of business. He says Badi maa takes decisions very carefully and nobody can oppose it. Bhoomi gets down and says Vasundhara she will accept her decision. Vasundhara says

she wants to give house’s responsibility and gives keys to Latha. Suman and Inder gets jealous and frown. Kavitha thinks she did her work and now if males don’t fight, females will fight like cats.

Bhoomi sits on dining table chair tensely. Varun asks why is she tensed and where is Ansh. She says Ansh has gone out. He says he is proud of her and told Daadi how their Bhoomi became big with her loyalty. Bhoomi smiles.

Pavitra tells Kavitha that hero and his sister are busy downstairs, nagin maami is crying on Surbhi’s shoulder, so she should go and bra tainwash laddoo maama. Kavitha goes to Inder’s room and brainwashes him that Vasundhara did injustice to him and gave all her wealth to Agram’s family. Pavitra goes to Suman and Surbhi’s room and brainwashes them.

Pavitra and Kavitha then meet and discuss that their plan is working and soon Vasundhara’s house will be broken. Vasundhara hears their conversation and says her bahu will fail their plan and will teach them a lesson.

Bhoomi calls Ansh and he says he will get late today, she can sleep. Pavitra hears her conversation and thinks Ansh must be planning Bhoomi’s birthday, but she will ruin it. Bhoomi sleeps and someone enters with knife at midnight and lights matches in front of her face. Bhoomi wakes up worriedly and is surprised to see Ansh. Ansh says it is a surprise for her and gives his gift. At 12 midnight, Shukla family calls Bhoomi and wishes her happy birthday. she gets emotional.

In the morning, Vasundhara wishes happy birthday to Bhoomi and says she is seeing her image in her and knows she will keep family united like her.

Precap: During party, Bhoomi sees blanket man and follows him into a room. Pavitra locks Bhoomi inside room and laughs.

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