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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth scolds Kavya that she has to obey as he says until she repays loan. He orders to pick his files and blazer and followhim to meeting. She runs behind him. Staff feels sad that she got 2 promotions in a year and directly demoted to secretary. She gets into car with him and leaves.

Muskan reaches Kavya’s office. She sees beautiful car parked and corrects her make up in mirror. She then gets in and starts taking selfies. She presses gear by mistake and car starts moving. She shouts for help. Sambhav gets in and stops car, but it hits another car by then. He shouts why did she ride his car. She says it is his mistake that he left car open. He says she should pay for damages. She gets nervous, picks someone’s card from her bag, gives it to him and asks to

collect it from her dad. He leaves in his car. She calls Kavya repeatedly, but she is with Samarth and disconnects call repeatedly and then replies to collect money from her friend at office.

In car, Samarth stares at Kavya. She thinks she made a big mistake by slapping this khadoos. He gets his sister’s call who asks him to reach home immediately to arrange for tonight’s party. He says ok and says he is bringing smeone who will take care of party arrangements. She sees car moving far away from city and asks where are they going. He jokes he is kidnapping her. She sees they are going 80 km away from city and thinks she will not be able to reach home soon tonight and dadi will scold her.

They reach a house and rain starts. Samarth gets out and walks inside home with servant. She runs into house wet. He scolds her and asks to sit on sofa until he returns.

Sambhav is busy romancing his girlfriend. He gets call, but does not pick. Girlfriend says it is his mom’s call. He gets tensed and runs from there. While riding car, he picks Muskan’s given card and calls number and says his daughter met with an accident. Man gets tensed and asks how is his daughter. Sambhav says his car got damaged instead. Man says he considers is dog as daughter. Sambhav fumes and thinks he should not meet Muskan again.

Samarth walks into hall after getting ready, sees Kavya sound asleep on sofa and splashes mug of water on her. She wakes up shocked. He shouts at her.

Precap: Samarth orders Kavya to clean floor and house first and then serve food to guests with other servants.

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