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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ansh tells Yuvraj that his wife Divya is dead and the one standing is his wife Bhoomi. Yuvraj says he will prove it and says Divya has a mark on her back which he inflicted on her. Ansh asks Surbhi to take Bhoomi in and check her back. Yuvraj grins and says he inflicted that mark.

Surbhi takes Bhoomi/Divya to a room. Ansh goes to take his medicine. Bhoomi/Divya tells Surbhi not to misunderstand her as whatever she did is for this family’s betterment. Surbhi checks Divya’s back and finds mark on her back. They both walk down and join family. Ansh also comes back from kitchen. Yuvraj asks Surbhi if she saw mark. Surbhi says there is no mark and this is her bhabhi Bhoomi and not Divya. Yuvraj shouts this cannot happen and says he will show the mark. Ansh stops him and says he cannot touch his wife. Yuvraj shouts she is Divya and Surbhi is lying. Ansh says they are liers and only he is speaking truth.

Badi maa asks Yuvraj to stop creating drama here as he lied them that he came for business and instead is trying to harm her bahu. He shouts she is his wife Divya. Ansh says Yuvraj is jealous of their love, so he is using advantage that Divya and Bhoomi’s face match and trying to take Bhoomi from here. Yuvraj shouts. Ansh says family that he tried to kill him. Yuvraj asks what is the proof. Ansh says the girl whom he hired is in police custody and will give her statement. Police must be coming soon to arrest him.

Police comes and Ansh asks inspector if girl gave stagement against Yuvra. Inspector says girl ate cyanide and killed herself. Yuvraj tells inspector that because of prajapati family, an innocent girl died and now they are stopping him from taking his wife Divya from here. Ansh says he will see how he will touch his wife. Yuvraj says he will take Divya from here. Whole Prajapati family guards Divya/Bhoomi and stands in front of Yuvraj.

Precap: Yuraj looks at Prajapati family pics on his mobile and shouts that he will kill them all and is their yamraj.

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  1. This means Mann janta h k Bhoomi mar chukki hai but uske kaise pta chala??
    And itni injury me usko Divya and Yuvraaj pr shaq kaise ho gya?

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