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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun comes to Prajapati house to meet Surbhi. Bhoomi gets him tea and they both start chatting. Pavitra comes down, sees Varun and starts flirting with him. Surbhi also comes down, yells at Pavitra and sends Varun out and asks him to wait until she comes. Pavitra starts taunting her. Surbhi gives her a nice reply. Pavitra gets angry and jealous.

Agram checks cement at bridge construction site, checks cement and asks engineer when cement is of good quality, why did he send wrong report. Engineer apologizes. He then informs Vasundhara that bridge construction is going well and nothing to worry. One he leaves, contractor in car thanks Pavitra for giving him tip off and says he will supply good quality cement hereon. She warns him not to and think of his profit.

Kaveri brainwashes

ugly suman that she did not like Agram and Vasundhara taunting Inder and insulting him. Suman starts thinking.

Pavitra goes to Kaveri’s room with money and says this is just a small drop for destroying Vasundhara’s empire and slowly she will construct an empire of their own. Kaveri keeps money in her bag and says soon they will send Vasundhara on road and rule on this empire.

Pavitra gets tea for Vasundhara and starts taunting. She says she like her open mouth in surprise. She says her bahu has prepared it, if she would have prepared, she would have added bottle full of poison in it. Vasundhara asks why does she trouble her like this. She says she gets peace of mind troubling her and cannot forget her own mother is ashamed to call her daughter. Bhoomi interferes and starts confronting Pavitra. Pavitra yells that she does not anything from Vasundhara and leaves. Bhoomi consoles Vasundhra not to get sad. Vasundhara says she cannot tolerate her own daughter taunting her.

Kaveri sees Latha walking around and asks what happened to her. She says she is having cold and will ask Suman to get her tea. Kaveri says suman is irked about yesterday’s taunt and will not get her tea. Latha gets confused what did she tell Suman.

Bhoomi goes to Pavitra’s room, sees her enjoying movie on tv and asks servants to take TV and all items from there and tells Pavitra since she does not like Vasundhara and her items, she is taking everything away and once she starts respecting Vasundhara, she will keep everything back.

Precap: Latha with stuffed nose goes to kitchen and tries to switch on gas stove. Bhoomi smells gas, rushes towards kitchen and gets worried seeing Latha trying to light up gas tove.

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