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Bhagya Lakshmi 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shrainik’s goons capture Kavya and walk with knife to kill her. She pleads to let her go. They walk towards her laughing. She says police and they turn. She runs from there. Sambhav comes in car and rescues her from there. She tells Samarth’s life in danger and asks if he is also with Bhairavi and Shrainik. He says no and says he heard her conversation long ago, so he followed her and came to rescue her and asks what to do next. She tells him her plan.

Shrainik asks his goons to bring out inebriated Samarth. They get him out of car. Shrainik confesses Samarth that he killed Priya and just needs his money and will kill him now. He says soon Kavya will also die and he can live in heaven with either Priya or Kavya and orders goons to get him into car and throw car down the cliff. They get him in car and leave.

Kavya reach via auto and asks where is Samarth. Shrainik says his men will kill Samarth soon. Goon calls and asks him if he should throw Samarth down the cliff. Shrainik says yes and Kavya pleads no. Bhairavi orders Shrainik to kill Kavya now. He is about to shoot Kavya when Samarth comes and shoots Shrainik’s hand and gun falls down. Bhairavi acts innocent. Samarth asks to stop her drama and asks how can she betray him being a sister. Bhairavi says he cannot prove anything and now she will allege that he and Kavya tried to kill Muskan. Samarth plays recording of Shrainik confessing that he killed Priya. Shrainik holds knife over Muskan’s neck and shouts to give recording, else he will slit her throat. Samarth says he cannot escape. Daadi and Kuhu bring police and gets Shrainik, Bhairavi, and Muskan arrested.

Kavya thanks Sambhav for saving her and Samarth on time and says he is good at heart. Sambhav says he did his duty. Samarth then proposes Kavya for marriage and she accepts it. Their marriage happens and romance starts. They live happily and after 9 months Kavya is seen pregnant. They all take a family portrait and end the show with a happy note.

Precap: Show ends with a positive note.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Thank god aaj kam se kam ek show to happy ending pr katam hua….

  2. I will really miss this show. I just loved it….. feeling so sad :'(

  3. Finally…that was some long ass show

  4. Saubhagya lakahmi ended soo fast. Good only or i might have died due to the over acting.

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