Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhairavi gives a single room to Muskan and her family to get ready for marriage. Muskan says she is bride and needs a separate room. Bhairavi agrees and asks Mansa to show Muskan another room. Mansa shows her room and asks how is it. Muskan says not that good. Mansa says she gave her royal room and she is complaining. Muskan asks who is she. Mansa fumes and asks if she does not know that she is Bhairavi’s personal and this house’s head servant. Muskan asks her to bring juice, else she will complain against her. Mansa leaves yelling. Kuhu asks Muskan why she is troubling poor servant. Muskan says she likes troubling Mansa.

Sambhav sends her SMS and she gets tensed and sends Kuhu to bring her makeup kit from daadi. Kuhu leaves. Sambhav enters and shows her papers.

She asks what are these. He says mom transferred her property into his name and now he is equal to mamu/Samarth, so she can marry him now. Samarth knocks door. Muskan gets tensed and Sambhav hides in bathroom. Muskan opens door and starts bluffing that she does not want him to see her without make up. He says she is beautiful the way she is and gives her bouquet. Sambhav drops something in washroom. Samarth says someone is in washroom and he will check. Muskan says she kept her mobile and it must have fallen. Samarth insists, but she sends him out. Sambhav comes out.

Kuhu walks towards car and steps on Shrainik’s leg who is repairing his car. She thinks him as mechanic and walks scolding him. She then tries to pick suitcase from dickie, but it is very heavy. She calls Shrainik and orders him to carry it. He picks and says it is very heavy. She says so what, it has marriage items and orders to carry with her. He carries inside home. Servant gets tensed seeing Shrainik and tries to speak, but Shrainik signals him to stop. Kuhu gives him 20 rs and leaves. Srainik asks who is this girl. Servant says Samarth’s would be wife’s sister. Srainik says she is mamu ki saali.

Sambhav comes out and asks Muskan to come with him. She says where will they go if they elope, she needs some time to think.

Sambhav pass by ignoring Mansa. Mansa thinks Muskan has ruined banna’s life. Bhairavi sees Kavya talking to panditji and thinks banna should have selected his secretary instead of arrogant Muskan.

Samarth talks to Kavya and says she is afraid that he may not fulfill Muskan’s wishes well. She says he is perfect for Muskan and only he can fulfill her wishes. He thanks her. Daadi sees them together and thinks Kavya is brainwashing Samarth and she should stop her. She calls Kavya and asks her to stay away from her granddaughter.

A masked man enters and passes by Muskan’s room. Muskan feels thirsty and asks him to get water. He ignores her and leaves. She thinks it must be Kuhu and silently follows him and widens her eyes in shock.

Precap: Pandit asks to call bride. Kavya comes in bridal dress and sits next to Samarth in mantap.

Update Credit to: MA

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