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Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhoomi tells whole family that Pavitra is the culprit who was frightening badi maa and shows blanket and mask. Pavitra says a thief must have kept it here and shows that mask does not fit her. She asks badi maa if she was the one. Badi maa says she is not sure. Bhoomi says when I entered, room’s light was on, but Pavitra entered and switched it off, she is the culprit. Suman shouts at bhoomi to stop her drama as there is already a big drama going around since morning. Badi maa asks Suman to shut up and asks Bhoomi to follow her as she needs to talk to her. Pavitra takes back her items and says she forgave her. Bhoomi angrily leaves behind badi maa. Suman tells Surbhi that Bhoomi is trying to butter badi maa and get her signing authority, so she should go and butter badi maa instead.


maa takes Bhoomi to her room and asks why did she confront Pavitra when she knows how intelligent and crooked she is, she easily proved Bhoomi wrong. She says she has realized that she does not have daughter’s love in her life and she does not want to lose her bahu. Surbhi enters and starts buttering badi maa and asks what she needs, she forcefully gives he water. Badi maa murmurs that she did not hold spoon in her life and now acting as serving her for getting signing authority. Surbhi asks if she said something. she said no. Surbhi says if she does not drink water, she will get dehydrated and then get leg cramps. Badi maa drinks water. Bhoomi asks surbhi to go now as badi maa wants to rest. Surbhi says she knows badi maa from childhood and knows what she needs, in fact she should go and rest now. Badi maa signals bhoomi to leave.

Latha prepares food for badi maa. Kaveri provokes Suman that latha and family are buttering badi maa to get signing authority, so she should go and stop them. Suman enters kitchen and says latha that she knows that she and her family are serving badi maa to get her signing authority. Latha says chii, how cheap thinking she has. Suman says she will prepare food for badi maa. Latha leaves angrily. Kaveri provokes Latha that she should slap younger ones if they misbehave.

Ansh enters Varun’s room and starts talking to him. Agram enters and says they have to pay their clients, so he and Varun can sign cheques. Ansh is about to sign when Inder stops him and says they should wait until badi maa give signing authority to someone and stop creating any confusion.

Surbhi enters badi maa’s room at night, sees Bhoomi and badi maa sleeping. She byhearts badi’s schedule list, wakes up badi maa and gives her sleeping pill. Bhoomi wakes up and asks why did not she ready list properly, sleeping pill should be given only if badi maa does not get sleep. Surbhi says she does not need her advice and starts fighting with her. Pavitra peeps in and smirks getting an idea. She gives money to blanket man and thinks bhoomi will get best gift on her happy birthday.

Ansh sees Bhoomi tensed and asks why she tensed. She says she is worried about Varun. He says when he has such a good sister like her, nothing will happen to her. She asks her today’s gift. He says he will give it on her birthday directly.

In the morning, Surbhi ties rakhi to Ansh and he gives her diamond necklace. She says he is world’s best brother and says she needs one more thing from him. He says she can ask whatever she likes. She asks to rethink. He says she can ask. She asks him to give his office to Varun. Everyone are shocked while Kaveri, Pavitra and suman smirk.

Precap: Vasundhara calls lawyer and says she wants to give her signing authority to her bahu Bhoomi.

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