Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shrainik’s goons catch Kavya. Kavya in lieu of correcting her slippers picks soil and throws on goon’s eyes and runs from there. Goons call Shrainik and inform that Kavya escped. Shrainik tells Muskan that her sister is very intelligent and escaped, but he will find and kill her.

Samarth with Bhairavi reaches there. Shrainik asks Muskan to show her charm on Samarth. She says Samarth that she thought he would not come. He says he did what he felt right and tells Bhairavi that he is surprised that his sister was against Muskan and now sheis getting him married to Muskan. Bhairavi says she just needs her brother’s happiness. Pandit comes and she asks to start marriage.

Kavya reaches hiding from goons and shouts to stop marriage. Samarth asks why did she

come. Kavya asks Muskan how can she stoop so low for money. Muskan shouts to stay away from her and Samarth. Kavya says Samarth that all these 3 are behind his money and planning to betray him. Shrainik asks how can she allege them baselessly. Bhairavi asks to her to go,else she will call police. Kavya asks to call police then. Samarth asks Muskan if she has proof. Kavya says how can she get proof, she herself heard Muskan and Shrainik discussing to mix poison in his drink and kill him for his property and Bhairavi is the mastermind. Bhairavi slaps Muskan and Samarth shouts how dare she is to allege his family member. Shrainik holds her hand and drags. Kavya frees her hand, runs and hugs Samarth and pleads to trust her and says she does not want to lose him. Muskan drags her next and asks her to go now and save Daadi and Kuhu. Kavya runs to save daadi and Kuhu, but Srainik’s goons catch her again.

Muskan apologizes Samarth on Kavya’s behalf and says she did not think Kavya would do this. Bhairavi says Samarth and Muskan they can go to farm house and enjoy. Samarth comes to farm house with Muskan and thinks if Kavya was right. Muskan plays a romantic song and starts luring him. She mixes sleeping pill in his drink and serves him. He acts as drinking when she turns and then acts as getting drowsy and then falling unconscious. She smirks.

Precap: Kavya asks Shrainik, Bhairavi and Muskan why did they betray Samarth. Bhariavi says it is enough and orders Shrainik to kill her. Shrainik is about to shoot her when Samarth shoots Shrainik’s hand and gun falls down.

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    Finally smarth ko sach pr bina saboot k hi vishwas ho gya….

    1. Thats only because its ending otherwise they would have dragged it.

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